International Green Warrior Olympiad Class 8 Sample Paper

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Clean Water and Sanitation

  1. Introduction to clean water: Understanding the importance of clean water and proper sanitation, various sources of clean water, methods to purify water, water treatment plans, methods to filtre water
  2. Proper sanitation and personal hygiene: Sanitation and personal hygiene practices and their impact on health, access to clean toilets and sanitation facilities
  3. Waterborne diseases: Common waterborne diseases (e.g., cholera, dysentery), how waterborne diseases spread, prevention through clean water and sanitation
  4. Water scarcity and global water issues: Exploring water scarcity in different regions, the role of climate change in water scarcity
  5. Water pollution and treatment: Sources and types of water pollution, consequences of water pollution, wastewater treatment processes
  6. Water conservation: The water cycle and its importance, strategies for water conservation, technologies for efficient water use

Affordable and Clean Energy

  1. Sources of energy: Exploration of various energy sources (e.g., fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear), how energy is generated from different sources, environmental impacts of different energy sources
  2. Renewable energy sources: Introduction to renewable energy sources (e.g., solar, wind, hydro, geothermal), how renewable energy systems work, advantages and challenges of renewable energy
  3. Energy conservation and efficiency: Understanding the importance of energy conservation, practical tips for saving energy at home and school, energy-efficient technologies and practices
  4. Introduction to clean energy: Understanding the concept of clean energy, differentiating clean energy from fossil fuels
  5. Clean energy innovations: Innovations in clean energy technology, solar roadways and smart grids
  6. Environmental impact of fossil fuels: Understanding the environmental impact of fossil fuel use, air and water pollution caused by fossil fuels

Sustainable Cities and Communities

  1. Sustainable transportation and green infrastructure: Introduction to sustainable transportation, the role of electric and hybrid vehicles, bicycles as a sustainable mode of transportation, sustainable urban planning and green infrastructure
  2. Characteristics of sustainable cities: Green infrastructure, urban farming, efficient public transportation, operations on renewable energy sources, waste management
  3. Universal access to safe, inclusive, and accessible green and public spaces

Responsible Consumption and Production

  1. The three r's: reduce, reuse, recycle: Importance of three r's of responsible consumption, strategies to reduce waste and consumption, creative ways to reuse items, introduction to recycling and waste separation
  2. Responsible consumption of water and energy: Importance of conserving water and energy, practical tips for saving water and electricity, energy-efficient appliances and lighting
  3. Responsible consumption of water and energy: Importance of conserving water and energy, practical tips for saving water and electricity, energy-efficient appliances and lighting

Climate Action

  1. Introduction to climate change: Understanding the concept of climate change, differentiating between climate and weather, causes and effects of climate change
  2. The carbon cycle: Understanding the carbon cycle, how humans disrupt the carbon cycle
  3. Earth's climate systems: Introduction to earth's climate systems, the role of the atmosphere and oceans in climate regulation
  4. The greenhouse effect: Explaining the greenhouse effect, how it affects the earth's temperature

Life Below Water

  1. Conservation of marine life: Exploring marine protected areas and marine sanctuaries, importance of marine conservation for biodiversity
  2. Threats to marine ecosystems: Identifying human activities that harm marine ecosystems (e.g., overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction), discussing the impact of climate change on oceans
  3. Marine pollution and plastic waste: Sources and types of marine pollution (e.g., plastic waste, oil spills), impact of pollution on marine life and ecosystems, solutions and cleanup efforts

Life On Land

  1. Introduction to terrestrial ecosystems: Understanding terrestrial ecosystems (e.g., forests, grasslands, deserts), importance of land-based environments
  2. Endangered species and conservation: Introduction to endangered species, conservation efforts to protect endangered species
  3. Major threats to terrestrial ecosystems: Habitat destruction and fragmentation, deforestation, overexploitation, pollution, agriculture practices, etc.

Food Security and Agriculture

  1. Food choices and sustainability: The impact of food choices on the environment, reducing food waste at home and school, sustainable farming practices (e.g., organic, local), composting and its benefits
  2. Climate change and food security: How climate change affects food production and agriculture, strategies for adapting to changing climates in agriculture

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