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Academic Year 2024-2025

Breaking the typical stereotype around conventional Olympiad Exams!

Why CREST Olympiads?

You must have a clear understanding on "Why CREST Olympiads" before you offer these exams to your students. For this, do read the points mentioned below:

  1. The Centre for Research and Exams in Science and Technology (CREST) is established by some of the prominent names in education industry. This initiative aims to assess the practical knowledge that would help students to apply their learning in different areas and excel in the same.

  3. We are India's first online proctored Olympiad examination.

  5. Along with the Level 1 exam, we provide 2 exclusive practice tests for our users.

  7. We give the students a facility to View and Challenge the answers by providing them the answer keys.

  9. Unlike traditional Olympiads, we provide the students the flexibility to choose their preferred time slot for the exam.

  11. We have 5 subjects which are: English, Math, Science, Cyber and Logical Reasoning.

  13. We conduct International Spell Bee exam (Summer - CSB and Winter - CSBW) too. For more details about CREST International Spell Bee Summer, please click here.

Fee Structure and Account Details

The total fee is Rs. 225 for every subject per student ($15 for International students). There should be minimum 50 students from a school to participate in CREST Olympiads.

The fees (if applicable) must be deposited to the Company's Official Bank Account only:

Current A/c Name: Loyalty Square Analytic Solutions Private Limited
Account Number: 17532560000111
Bank Name: HDFC Bank, Kanakapura Road Branch, Bangalore, India
IFSC Code: HDFC0001753 Swift Code: HDFCINBB


Benefit for Schools

  1. Every school receives a Trophy for Academic Excellence.
  2. The top 10 Principals and Coordinators receive Cash Prizes + Appreciation Awards.



Register For CREST Olympiads!

If your school is looking for CREST Olympiads registration then the school Olympiad coordinators can fill the below form. Our representative will contact you within 24 working hours.


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Why CREST International Spell Bee?

If we say “woh rea ouy ggnio?”, then, did you understand what this sentence means? Of course, not. This proves the importance of each and every word which we read, write or listen. If there were no proper words then imagine how our life would have been.

These are the foundation of our language skills. Even though there isn’t a strong link between a word spelling and intelligence but spellings are essential to comprehend things. Knowing spellings is that one skill which stays with us for our entire life.

Also, you must have observed that whenever our spelling is perfect, it is not seen by anyone but if the spelling is incorrect, it attracts flak. Being a professional, we too make mistakes in confusing spellings like Accommodate, Misspell, Pronunciation, Calendar, Privilege, Embarrass and many more. Hence, Spell Bee examinations are necessary to enhance a student’s vocabulary and making him/her capable of putting across his/her thoughts more clearly with uninvited advice.

About CREST International Spell Bee

CREST Spell Bee is India’s first Online Spelling Assessment which assesses students on the basis of Meaning, Spelling and Pronunciation of the words in English language. Hence, it will help students to master the spellings which forms the basis of English language.

Other important points to note about CREST International Spell Bee are:

  1. The assessments have been carefully designed by a team of English language experts.
  2. India’s first online proctored Spell Bee exam.
  3. Online Rapid Fire round.

Traditional Spell Bee vs CREST International Spell Bee

Traditional Spell Bee CREST International Spell Bee
Focus on dictionary set of words just as if you are learning a dictionary Focus on words based on categories that are needed for students of a specific grade
Conducted in offline mode i.e. through Pen & Paper Conducted online. Listening based questions are administered
Most of the online Spell Bee exams are not proctored Completely proctored online exam through webcam
Quite a few traditional Spell Bee exams focus only on spellings and dictation type words Focus is on evaluating spellings, meanings and pronunciation. Hence, the questions are developed based on the factors one cares about
No free trial Have tried to make the questions fun. Hence, we encourage you to take a free trial of how actual Spell Bee is going to look like
No practice papers 2 full-length practice papers



Register For CREST International Spell Bee!

If your school is looking for CREST Olympiads registration then the school Olympiad coordinators can fill the below form. Our representative will contact you within 24 working hours.


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