Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1keyboard_arrow_rightWho all are eligible to sit for CREST Olympiads?

    Level 1: The students of classes 1-10 are eligible to give the Level 1 exam.

    Level 2: The Level 2 is organised for students of classes 3-10 only for English, Maths and Science. The qualifiers to Level 2 are mentioned at this link.

  • Q.2keyboard_arrow_rightWhat will be the venue of the exams?

    Since this is an online exam, the exam will have to be taken by student from home. The student should have a working laptop, desktop or tablet with good Internet connection. The Internet connection speed should be 2 mbps and the desktop/laptop should have latest version of the browser (preferably Google Chrome). The exam can't be taken using Mobile device.

  • Q.3keyboard_arrow_rightIs there a likelihood of cheating if students take exam from home?

    We can't rule out possibility of students using unfair means. In fact, cheating does take place in school environment as well. It all depends upon the personal integrity of students and parents.

    Do note that, we have given a provision of webcam in all our exams. And switching on the camera is not compulsory in Practice tests and Level 1 exams. But in all the Level 2 exams, webcam must be compulsorily switched on.

    We think that these Olympiad exams are stepping stones to larger and more competitive exams later in life. The basic intent of these exams is to give a flavour of competitive exams to students who are deprived of similar exams in their schools.

    In case, you aren't comfortable with the idea of taking such exams from home, we would request you not to register.

  • Q.4keyboard_arrow_rightWhich all subjects are covered under CREST Olympiads?

    The CREST Olympiads is organised for the following subjects:

  • Q.5keyboard_arrow_rightHow can a school register for CREST Olympiads?

    If your school is not registered with CREST, then please send us an email at and we’ll email you the prospectus. You can also submit your query here.

  • Q.6keyboard_arrow_rightDo you accept individual registrations for CREST Olympiads?

    One of the objectives of CREST Olympiads is to enable every student to take Olympiad exams and compete against his/her peers across India and abroad. In case, a student is unable to register for Olympiad exam through school, he/she can register for CREST Olympiads directly.

  • Q.8keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the exam fee for each subject?

    Exam fee for each subject is Rs. 225 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is $10 (US Dollars). The fee covers the cost of two (2) online practice tests (not mandatory). Also, for classes 1-8, students subscribing to 3 or more subjects will get Spell Bee free.

  • Q.9keyboard_arrow_rightFrom where can I get the preparation material for CREST Olympiads?

    Olympiad Success is the official preparation partner of CREST Olympiads. You can get the preparation material at their official website. Please click here.

  • Q.10keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is the structure and pattern of the examination?

    Please visit this link to read about the structure and pattern of various CREST Olympiad exams.

  • Q.11keyboard_arrow_rightWhat are the criteria for ranking in CREST Olympiads?

    Please click this link to read about the criteria of ranking in CREST Olympiads.

  • Q.12keyboard_arrow_rightWhat is your refund policy?

    We do not refund part or full fees paid under any circumstances.

  • Q.13keyboard_arrow_rightI have heard about 100% cashback policy. Can you please share more details?

    When someone pays for CREST Olympiad Exam fee, a referral code is activated which can be shared with one or more of his/her friends. When someone else uses the referral code while making a payment, the amount to the extent of payment made by the one using referral code will be credited to the student whose referral code is used.

    The wallet amount can be used for future purchases by the student.

    Do note that CREST Olympiads reserves the sole right to change offer terms at any time without giving any prior notice to the users. CREST Olympiads reserves the right to provide alternative options to redeem the amount in the wallet through its partners. The wallet amount will not paid back in cash in any circumstances.

  • Q.14keyboard_arrow_rightI have made the payment. So what should I do next?

    Please login to your dashboard. Go to Slot/Access. Book your slot atleast 2 days before the exam. We will also send emails/SMSes 2-3 days before the exam as reminder. For details, check here

  • Q.15keyboard_arrow_rightHow to do Slot/Access booking?

    Follow the below steps to book your slot/timing:

    1.Login at

    2.Go to Slot/Access

    3.Book your timing for Practice tests 1 & 2 and Level 1

  • Q.16keyboard_arrow_rightCan I change my booked slot time?

    Yes, you can change your booked slot time but at a cost of Rs. 30 per slot change.

  • Q.17keyboard_arrow_rightIf I find any mistake in questions/answers in the Answer Keys, how do I tell you?

    You can challenge those questions/answers on the answer key page itself. Select the option which you think is correct and give an explanation for the same. Then click on the challenge button to challenge. Our Academic Council will review the questions/answers and will update the score accordingly.

  • Q.18keyboard_arrow_rightDo I need to pay, if I challenge any question/answer?

    Yes, for every question/answer you have challenged, you need to pay Rs. 100. The fee paid will be refunded if the challenge is found correct. Also, you will receive 50 reward points in your wallet which can be redeemed on your next purchase on CREST Olympiads. However, no challenge will be entertained without receipt of the processing fee.

  • Q.19keyboard_arrow_rightWhen the answer keys of the exam(s) will be available?

    The dates to view the Answer Keys for each exam are fixed. Check here for the complete schedule.

  • Q.20keyboard_arrow_rightHow to give CREST Olympiads exam?

    Follow the below steps to take the exam:

    1. Login at

    2. Go to Slot/Access (you should have booked your slot beforehand)

    3. You will find link to take exam "To take exam, click here"

  • Q.21keyboard_arrow_rightWhere can I see the cut-off details and rank holders for the exams? 

    The exams for which the results have been declared, you can view the cut-off details and rank holders on the Awards page and Cut-off & Ranking Criteria page.

  • Q.22keyboard_arrow_rightI still have a query. How do I contact you?

    Send us an email to at and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

  • Q.23keyboard_arrow_rightWho all are eligible to sit for CREST International Spell Bee?

    Level 1: The students of classes 1-8 are eligible to give the Level 1 exam.

    Level 2: The Level 2 is organised for students of classes 1-8. The qualifiers to Level 2 are mentioned at this link.

    To know more about CREST International Spell Bee, read here.