Individual Olympiad Registration Form

  1. Participants should ensure that the entries they are submitting are correct. A charge of INR 100 will be levied per certificate for any reprint.
  2. Information once submitted can't be edited. Home address should be correct since certificate would be sent at this address, if applicable.
  3. School Name & Candidate Name should be mentioned as you would like them to appear on the certificate.
  4. If you have a referral code of the candidate who shared information about CREST Olympiads with you, please mention. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  5. Educators applying for Teacher Olympiads may select 'Class Teacher' under Class field.
Net amount due :

Important Instructions:

  • CREST Olympiads will be conducted online and the students will have to take the exams from their residence or any other place where they have access to computer with good Internet connectivity. Schools, subscribing to these exams, may decide to conduct these exams using their computer lab. The exam can't be taken using Mobile device. Hence, the student should have access to a good laptop/desktop with latest version of the browser (preferably Google Chrome) and 2 Mbps Internet connectivity.

  • CREST Olympiads brings progressive thinking and hence, is quite different from traditional Olympiad exams. Click here to know more.

  • It’s in the best interest of students not to use any unfair means while attempting these exams. These exams are just a first step for a much bigger goal of appearing for competitive exams that are being conducted online these days.

  • Please check the exam schedule. We will provide flexibility to the students to select preferred dates for Level 1 exam.

  • We take preparation seriously. Hence, there would be two (2) practice exams, provided complimentary as per exam schedule mentioned.

  • Do read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thoroughly.

  • Please make payment only after reading the above statements. The fees once paid is non-refundable. For any queries or suggestions, do write to us at
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