Competition of International Drawing Olympiad for Class KG

CREST International Drawing Olympiad for Class KG

CREST Drawing Olympiads conducts an International Drawing Olympiad for grade KG students every year. The students across the globe participate extensively to make their mark in the Drawing Olympiad for class KG. The set of topics related to "Life on Land" put up in the CREST International Drawing Olympiad exam encourages students to apply their brains and tests different artistic skills. Life on Land refers to the ecosystems, organisms, and habitats found on Earth's terrestrial surface. It encompasses a wide range of environments, from forests and grasslands to deserts and tundra. Key components of life on land include plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms, all of which have adapted to survive and thrive in specific terrestrial conditions. The exam aims to sharpen drawing skills in the students. It is one of the best recommended online Drawing Olympiads for class KG.

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Eligibility Criteria for Class KG International Drawing Olympiad

  1. Students interested in taking the International Drawing Olympiad test for class KG can do the registration either through their schools or on their own.
  2. Candidates from all around the world are welcome to apply for the exam.

Benefits of International Drawing Olympiad for Class KG

1. Drawing Olympiads provide a platform for artists of all ages and skill levels to showcase their talents and creativity. They encourage artistic expression and celebrate the diversity of artistic styles and techniques.

2. Participating in a Drawing Olympiad can help artists improve their drawing skills through practice, competition, and exposure to different artistic approaches.

3. Drawing Olympiads often recognize outstanding artistic achievements through awards and prizes. Winning or receiving recognition can boost an artist's confidence, visibility, and credibility within the art community.

Class KG International Drawing Olympiad Registration Process

International Drawing Olympiad registration for class KG can be done by students on their own or through their respective schools.

The school has to fill in the form present here:, and it will be contacted within 48 working hours with the next steps.

Students who register separately from school & want to appear for the International Drawing Olympiad for class KG online test can follow these simple steps:

1. Go to the browser and copy-paste this link:
2. The registration form pops up.
3. Fill in all the registration form details.
4. Select the exam at the bottom of the details filling section in the registration form you wish to appear in.
5. Read the instructions carefully.
6. Make the payment.
7. Registration is complete.


1. International Drawing Olympiad Individual registrations by students are accepted.

2. Students who have not done registration through school will have to take exams from home. The individual participating should have a computer or laptop with a webcam and a good internet facility. The exam is monitored through a webcam.

Class KG International Drawing Olympiad Syllabus

The International Drawing Olympiad is designed for KG class students, aiming to introduce them to basic drawing concepts and develop their creativity and fine motor skills. CREST International Drawing Olympiad encourages experimentation, creativity, and individual expression, making it easy for students to excel in the examination, even those who are following the syllabus. The class KG International Drawing Olympiad syllabus. The syllabus is available for students on the website.

Dates and Fee for Class KG International Drawing Olympiad

The exam dates for the CREST International Drawing Olympiad (CIDO) for KG for the Academic Year 2024-25 are as given below:

Practice 2 Exam Dates

7th June 2024

Level 1 Exam Dates

6th and 19th July 2024

Last Date for Registration

It is advisable to register for the exam before July.

Result Date Generally, the results are announced within a month's time after the last answer key date

Note: Check Olympiad exam dates for other CREST Olympiads subjects as well.

The exam fee is INR 225 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is country specific.

How to prepare for Class KG International Drawing Olympiad?

“Practice leads to improvement. You won’t get any better unless you engage in the attempt. The more you draw the more confident you’ll become.”

To excel in a drawing Olympiad, you must master drawing skills, understand art principles, and become acquainted with potential competition tasks. The topics for the Drawing Olympiad exam are tailored to each student's age and grade level. Each year, The Drawing Olympiad exam features a diverse range of topics that cater to students of different age groups and grade levels. This allows students to improve their drawing skills and prepare for the exam with confidence. Whether it's sketching, shading, or colouring, the topics are designed to challenge students and bring out their creative best. With rigorous practice and dedication, students can ace the exam and showcase their artistic talents on a platform.

Results of Class KG International Drawing Olympiad

The results can be easily accessible by candidates by just visiting the official website and logging in with their respective credentials. Mostly the results are declared in the month’s time.

Awards for Competition of International Drawing Olympiad for Class KG

  1. CREST Olympiads offers students with fascinating awards.
  2. All students who score greater than 60% will be rewarded with a star medal and a Merit Certificate.
  3. Check Olympiad Awards & Prizes in detail now.

FAQs on International Drawing Olympiad for Class KG

1. Whom should I contact for queries related to the International Drawing Olympiad exams for class KG?

For any query related to the International Drawing Olympiad exams for class KG, use the below details to get resolved.

CREST Olympiads contact number: +91-98182-94134
CREST Olympiads email: