Maths Olympiad for Class 1

CREST Mathematics Olympiad for class 1

CREST Olympiads conducts an international Mathematics Olympiad for grade 1 students every year. The students across the globe participate extensively to make their mark in the Mathematics Olympiad for class 1. The students have shown tremendous interest in the CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) exam for over a while now. The students along with their school curriculum studies, take this exam seriously to upgrade their skills. It is one of the best recommended online Maths Olympiads for class 1.

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Eligibility Criteria for Class 1 International Maths Olympiad

a. Students willing to enroll in the Maths Olympiad exam for class 1 can register through schools or individually.

b. Students participating in the examination should be from recognized education boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Board, etc.

c. Candidates across any country are eligible to register for the CREST Mathematics examination.

d. For class 1 the examination is conducted in 2 levels.

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Benefits of Maths Olympiad for Class 1

1. Students can compete on national and international levels in the Math Olympiad, which helps them prepare for future competitive tests. Students' problem-solving abilities are enhanced, and they are pushed to think critically.

2. The Olympiad of Maths from a small age plays an important role in enhancing students' confidence levels. It motivates students to perform better each time.

Class 1 Maths Olympiad Registration Process

International Maths Olympiad registration for class 1 can be done by students on their own or through their respective schools.

The school has to fill in the form present here:, and it will be contacted within 48 working hours with the next steps.

Students who register separately from school & want to appear for the Maths Olympiad for class 1 online test can follow these simple steps:
1. Go to the browser and copy-paste this link:
2. The registration form pops up.
3. Fill in all the registration form details.
4. Select the exam at the bottom of the details filling section in the registration form you wish to appear in.
5. Read the instructions carefully.
6. Make the payment.
7. Registration is complete.


1. Maths Olympiad Individual registrations by students are accepted.

2. Students who have not done registration through school will have to take exams from home. The individual participating should have a computer or laptop with a webcam and a good internet facility. The exam is monitored through a webcam.

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Class 1 Maths Olympiad Syllabus

The Maths Olympiad syllabus plays a crucial role in the Maths Olympiad preparation. Since the syllabus for the exam is based and almost similar to that of the existing school syllabus with a slightly increased difficulty it helps students to excel in their academics too. The syllabus for Maths Olympiad for class 1 includes topics such as Numerals, Number Names, Number Sense (2 digit numbers), Addition, Subtraction, Lengths, Weights and Comparisons, Time, Money, Geometrical Shapes and Solids and Patterns. The syllabus for the CREST Mathematics Olympiad is available for students on the official website.

Dates and Fee for Class 1 Maths Olympiad

The exam dates for CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) for Class 1 for the Academic Year 2024-25 are as given below:

Level 1 Exam Dates 5th December 2024
23rd December 2024
Level 2 Exam Date 7th February 2025
Last Date for Registration It is advisable to register for the exam before November.
Level 1 Answer Key Dates 26th-27th Dec 2024
Level 2 Answer Key Dates 11th-12th Feb 2025
Level 1 Result Date Generally, the results are announced within a month's time after the last answer key date
Level 2 Result Date Typically, the results are announced within a month after the final answer key is released.

Note: Check Olympiad exam dates for other CREST Olympiads subjects as well.

The exam fee is INR 225 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is country specific.

How to prepare for Class 1 Maths Olympiad?

One should prepare well before appearing in the actual examination. The students are often confused about how to start the preparation. The best way to start the preparation is to analyze the class 1 Maths Olympiad sample papers. Reviewing these helps the student understand the question pattern well and the marks distribution of the subject’s various topics. Hence, the students get a clear idea of which syllabus area needs to focus more.

Class 1 Maths Olympiad books play a major role in scoring better marks and are essential to acquire an in-depth understanding of the concepts. Most of the teachers and parents too recommend kids to go through the concept through books after finishing their class notes.

Once you’re done covering the concepts, the next step is to analyze how well you have understood the topic. For that purpose, Olympiad Success Test Series is the best. The number of students have given a positive feedback on their Saturday to Saturday Free Mock Tests and Test Series packages for various subjects. You can also test your Maths Olympiad class 1 preparation with the chapter-wise tests and full-length Mock Tests. Buy class 1 Maths Olympiad worksheets now.

Preparation Material Link
Class 1 Maths Olympiad Sample Paper Check here
Class 1 Maths Olympiad Previous Year Paper Check here
Class 1 Maths Olympiad Workbook Check here
Class 1 CREST Fundamentals Check Topics
Olympiad Books

Cut-off & Answer Key for Class 1 Maths Olympiad

The cut-off for CREST Mathematics Olympiad is announced after the completion of the examination. The cut-off is basically released to set minimum mark criteria for students to clear the examination. Students who score the same or more than the cut-off released are considered to be passed the examination. Students can check the class 1 Maths Olympiad cut-off & rankings by visiting the official website.

The Olympiad answer key is an unique way of enabling students to guess their scores beforehand. CREST Olympiads always release Maths Olympiad answer key dates within one week after the actual examination is held. These answer key dates are made available on the website’s exam schedule page.

Results of Class 1 Maths Olympiad

The results of the worldwide CREST Mathematics Olympiad exam for class 1 are normally released within a month of the last answer key date following the completion of the exam. Maths Olympiad for class 1 results can be checked by logging in with your registered credentials on the official website of the CREST Olympiads. In most cases, the level 1 results are announced in February.

Olympiad Prizes

a. CREST Olympiads offers students with fascinating awards. For 50% of the top scorers, there are rewards.

b. International Ranks 1-3 receive Achiever's Trophies and Merit Certificates.

c. All students with a 96 percentile or higher, as well as candidates with a zonal rank of 10 or less, will get a gold medal.

d. A Merit Certificate will be given to the top 25% of students.

e. A digital certificate with the words "Honourable Mention" will be given to the top 25% to 50% of candidates.

f. Check Olympiad Awards & Prizes in detail now.

Class 1 Maths Olympiad FAQs

1. What is the syllabus for class 1 Mathematics Olympiad?

CREST Mathematics Olympiad syllabus for class 1 consists of topics - Numerals, Number Names, Number Sense (2 digit numbers), Addition, Subtraction, Lengths, Weights and Comparisons, Time, Money, Geometrical Shapes and Solids and Patterns.

2. In how many sections is the Olympiad of Maths syllabus for class 1 divided?

The CREST Mathematics Olympiad class 1 examination is divided into two sections namely:

Section-1: Practical Mathematics
Section-2: Achievers Section

The exam is assisted by a parent/teacher.

3. What type of questions are there in the CREST Mathematics Olympiad Achievers Section for class 1?

The CMO Achievers section for class 1 includes higher-order thinking questions.

4. How does the Math Olympiad benefit class 1 students?

Math Olympiads for class 1 help kids to focus on a variety of questions. The advantage of Mathematics Olympiads is that it gives young students confidence from an early age to participate and compete at national & international levels.

5. Are there any reference books that students can use while studying for Maths Olympiad examinations for class 1?

The textbooks and workbooks prescribed by the school for regular academic studies are more than enough to prepare for the Mathematics Olympiads for class 1. Though there are many books specifically available for Mathematics Olympiad preparation. Few are listed below that students can refer to -

a. CREST Mathematics Olympiad Grade 1 Workbook by CREST Olympiads
b. Oswaal - One For All Olympiad Previous Years Solved Papers Class 1

6. Whom should I contact for queries related to Maths Olympiad exams for class 1?

For any query related to the Maths Olympiad exams for class 1, use the below details to get resolved.

CREST Olympiads contact number: +91-98182-94134
CREST Olympiads email:

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