Spell Bee Competition (Winter) for Class 8

CREST International Spell Bee Winter for class 8

The standard exam for evaluating word meaning, spelling and pronunciation in the English language is the CREST International Spell Bee (Winter). For students in class 8, the CSBW exam is organized at the national and international levels. CREST Olympiads administers both offline and online Spell Bee International examinations. Read through the article to know about Spelling Bee exam in detail!

Eligibility Criteria for Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition

a. Students in class 8 are eligible to compete in the CREST International Spell Bee (CSBW).

b. Students interested in competing in the CREST Spell Bee international Winter (CSBW) have different registration options. They can register either through their schools or on their own.

c. If your school does not host a Spell Bee, you can participate as an individual.

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Benefits of Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition

1. CREST Spell bee competitions allow class 8 students to learn about the usage and meaning of English words. Students who address their spelling study can develop intellectual capabilities and learning strategies in addition to increasing their vocabulary.

2. The advantages of Spell Bee go beyond language: Because children are required to spell words, they develop self-confidence as well as the ability to perform under pressure.

3. Spell Bee Olympiad exams are extremely beneficial for students. These exams are designed to bring students from various schools and boards together on the same platform. It encourages learning. It aids in determining their strengths and weaknesses.

How to Apply for Spelling Bee Competition for Class 8?

CREST International Spell Bee (Winter) registration for class 8 can be done by students on their own or by the school.

The school has to fill in the form present here: https://www.crestolympiads.com/register-school, and it will be contacted within 48 working hours with the next steps.

Students who register separately from school & want to appear for the online Spelling Bee exam for class 8 can follow these simple steps:
1. Go to the browser and copy-paste this link: https://www.crestolympiads.com/registration
2. The registration form pops up.
3. Fill in all the registration form details.
4. Select the exam at the bottom of the details filling section in the registration form you wish to appear in.
5. Read the instructions carefully.
6. Make the payment.
7. Registration is complete.


1. Spelling Bee Individual registrations by students are accepted.

2. Students registering individually cannot appear for the offline mode of exam. This mode is available only to the students participating through school in CREST Olympiads.

3. Students who have not done registration through school will have to take exams from home. The individual participating should have a computer or laptop with a webcam and a good internet facility. The exam is monitored through a webcam.

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Spelling Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 8

Parents frequently express concern that the Olympiad syllabus will be difficult for their children. The questions of these exams are drawn from the school curriculum. It is appropriate for all boards, including CBSE, ICSE and other State Boards. It is one of the greatest weapons for preparing for the Olympiad exams.

The first step is to locate the entire syllabus for a specific Olympiad exam type based on your level. The CREST international Spell Bee (CSBW) syllabus will be mostly based on the school curriculum. Clearing the concepts should be your first priority as an aspirant.

Students can find the class 8 Spell Bee exam syllabus on the website that they must follow to determine what resources you need to gather and learn. Spell Bee words list for class 8 is also available on the syllabus page as well.

Dates and Fee for Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition

Every year in January and February, CREST Olympiads organizes a Spell Bee Winter exam for students in class 8. CREST Spell Bee Winter exam dates will be posted on the official website for students to easily access. Students are advised to register for the CREST Spell Bee Winter exam before January in order to avoid any last-minute fear.

CREST International Spell Bee (Winter) Registration Fee details - For students studying and enrolling from India, the exam cost is Rs. 225. The price is $15 (US Dollars) for students studying and living outside of India.

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How to prepare for Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition?

Class 8 is an ideal getaway to improve spelling skills and vocabulary. We have a good way for your child to simply practice and prepare for spell bee competitions.

If you're looking to find Spell Bee words, that are already made available on the Spell Bee syllabus page. 70-80% of questions are expected to be asked from the same Spell Bee words list.

Class 8 Spell Bee preparation necessitates full commitment and accuracy in studies. Students must be completely familiar with the Spell Bee syllabus and exam format before the preparation for the exam. Students can also solve previous years’ question papers which is beneficial because it allows students to analyze the types of questions that will be asked during the Spell Bee examination. Moreover, practicing question papers helps students understand how to clear the Spell Bee International exams. Students can get class 8 Spell Bee Winter sample papers from the CREST Olympiads official website. These pointers will assist students to do well in the CREST International Spell Bee Winter Olympiad exam.

Preparation Material Link
Class 8 Spell Bee Competition (Winter) Sample Paper Check here
Class 8 Spell Bee Competition (Winter) Previous Year Paper Check here
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Cut-off & Answer Key for Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition

In order for students to be aware of the minimal marking requirements, the CREST International Spell Bee cut-off and rankings are typically made accessible. These cut-off marks are offered so that students are aware of the minimal standard marks to qualify for the exam. After completing the Spell Bee Winter exam the cut-off will be revealed.

The CREST Olympiads will release the Spell Bee answer key within 1 week of the CREST International Spell Bee Winter exam. Students can find out their likely scores by checking answer keys. The Spell Bee answer key contains the correct answers to each question of the exam.

Results of Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition

CREST Olympiads will announce the Spell Bee result for class 8 after the 4 weeks of the CSBW exam. The results will allow students to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Students can check the result on the website.

Prizes for Spelling Bee Competition

The students are recognized for their performance and it’s one of the great ways to encourage them to do such great things again and again. CREST Olympiads awards top-performers for classes 1-8 for their great accomplishment in the CREST Spelling Bee (Winter) competition exam. Students can check the Olympiad awards & recognition in detail.

Class 8 Spelling Bee Competition FAQs

1. Can a class 8 student obtain sample papers if this is his or her first time participating in the CREST Spell Bee Olympiads?

Yes definitely. Students can access the sample papers on the CREST Olympiads website for Spell Bee preparation.

2. In what pattern the CREST Spell Bee Winter Olympiad examination is conducted?

For classes 1 to 8 Spell Bee exam duration is 60 minutes.

The exam consists of two sections:

Section-1: Spell Bee (55 minutes) - Multiple Choice Questions
Section-2: Get, Set, Spell! (5 minutes) - Audio-based questions. The student needs to hear the sentence and write the spelling asked.

3. Which is the best Olympiad exam for class 8?

As students enter high school, parents' and teachers' expectations rise. They are expected to perform well in school exams while also planning their future careers. Olympiad exams for class 8 shape children and prepare them for future challenges. This is the class that determines the child's interests and opens up a variety of career options. Olympiad exams assess student aptitude and assist students in deciding on an area of specialization. They may select one or more of the subjects listed below;

a. CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO)

b. CREST Science Olympiad (CSO)

c. CREST English Olympiad (CEO)

d. CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO)

e. CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO)

f. CREST International Spell Bee Summer (CSB)

g. CREST International Spell Bee Winter (CSBW)

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