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Journey of CREST Olympiads

I am building a bridge

                 The expression not merely focuses on the fact that the guy is creating something, but also talks about his way of expressing his knowledge through practical application. He is exercising what he learnt through books in a real-world scenario. No matter how many lessons he might have taken or how many assignments he may have aced, what mattered at that moment is how accurately he could apply his learning of so many years. Here arises the question of practical knowledge. The Centre for Research and Exams in Science and Technology (CREST) is established by some of the prominent names in the education industry. This initiative aims to assess the practical knowledge that would help students to apply their learning in different areas and excel in the same.

Addressing the above comment, CREST Olympiads was started in 2018 to uplift the abilities of students through the medium of Olympiad exams in various subjects. It was the first of its kind launched in India with the most innovative features for students worldwide. This transform we are taking innovation far beyond for students through the medium of these Olympiad exams but one could ask about the innovations that we’ve done in so many years. Well, in that case, here’s the complete list:

  • Flexibility for students to book exam slot
  • Option to view answer key along with submitted answers
  • Provision to challenge the answers
  • Parent/teacher assisted exams for Grades KG & 1 students
  • Inbuilt webcam proctored platform to conduct exams
  • Option to attempt 2 free practice tests
  • Audio-based format questions in the Spell Bee competition
  • Introduction of Olympiad exams for Special Needs students
  • Brainstorming & implementing new innovative features followed by core fundamentals is what makes CREST Olympiads different. Each organization has its mission statement, so we do. Let’s cover CREST Mission statement.

    CREST Olympiads Mission

    We need to understand that a child’s personal mode of learning is in fact through experiencing what is happening and recognising things through practical questions or application of the knowledge that they have gathered by learning, through schools, parents, peers, etc. This makes the child enhance their speculative knowledge and they are able to judge in accordance to the facts. The child’s practical knowledge paves the way of knowing about different subjects and letting them dig deeper into the subject which is difficult to go through theoretical knowledge.
    CREST strives to:

    • keyboard_arrow_rightAsk questions that will force the students to think deeper for the answers and the question will expose their practical knowledge.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightBuild competitive spirit among students so that they always try to achieve better.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightEmbrace the power of digital technology for writing exams.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightEncourage students to go for practical knowledge in Olympiads rather than rote learning in school.
    • keyboard_arrow_rightBuild a foundation for different competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc.

    Results of Brand Perception Survey

    CREST Olympiads did a small survey and sought customers to define CREST Olympiads in an adjective(s). The word cloud image shown at the right depicts the results of the survey. The inferences from the image state that we focus on premium quality, test logical ability, practical knowledge, thought-processing and much more.

    Also, we sought customers to associate CREST Olympiads with brand/s. The word cloud image to the left shows brands that people associate with CREST Olympiads. Few of them related us to Porsche, some to Audi, many to Jaguar and so on. You just name a premium or luxury brand and it's there. Well, we know, we are a premium brand, but it's never a bad idea to hear good things about you from someone else. The quality of premiumness is always found in the CREST Olympiad Exams.

    Innovation at the heart of CREST Olympiads

    As of today, CREST Olympiads is regarded as the 'Most Innovative Olympiad Exam' and it is a big accomplishment to achieve in such a short period of time.

    CREST Olympiads was awarded as 'Most Innovative Olympiad Exam' at Scoonews Global Educators Fest. This is another achievement added to the booklist of CREST Olympiads. Only 5 companies across categories got this award.

    CREST International IQ Challenge (CIC)

    CREST Olympiads credibility has really helped to collaborate with IIT Kharagpur TechFest. We were the only chosen among the Olympiad organizations to conduct CREST International IQ Challenge (CIC) by IIT Kharagpur TechFest.

    1st Edition 2021 - CREST International IQ Challenge 2021 was organized in association with IIT Kharagpur Techfest. The objective was to help students evaluate their IQ.

    2nd Edition 2022 - Online CREST International IQ Challenge 2022 was conducted successfully from Sept 27, 2022 - Oct 4, 2022, which was based on the theme of helping schools evaluate their students IQ scores compared to other schools in India & other countries.

    2nd edition of the CREST International IQ Challenge (CIC) was a roaring success and we thank country partners & participating schools/groups for making this global event a successful one!

    Partners from 10 countries came together to make this event conducted globally. Students from countries - UAE, UK, Nigeria, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Australia, Canada and Panama participated in the CREST International IQ Challenge 2022.

    We are also delighted & proud to share the participation of prestigious and progressive school/school groups - Delhi Public School (DPS), Sunbeam, GD Goenka, SSRVM, Billimoria, Salwan, Shiv Nadar, Jaipuria and many more in the Online Free International IQ Challenge - 2nd Edition.

    Participation of 60% International Students

    As CREST Olympiads is recognized as the Most Innovative Olympiad exam, having a presence in 60+ countries and 5000+ schools, there was participation of 60% of international students out of the total number of students who participated in session 2023-24 exams.

    Media Coverage

    CREST Olympiads efforts of conducting Olympiad exams and coming up with new initiatives in the education industry have been well recognised by Indian media. In turn, we got covered by major media houses like Hindustan Times, The Print, ANI News, BWEducation, The Pioneer and many more.

    Key Initiatives

    CREST EduFund Mental Maths Olympiad (CEMMO) & UN Water Conference 2023

    CREST Olympiads launched an initiative in 2023 in association with the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India & Manthan Platform, entirely dedicated towards improving Mental Maths abilities for students studying in grades 1-12. The program will help students in the overall development of students in Mental Maths abilities from accessing reading material to assessing themselves in the exam. On top of it, EduFund Cash Scholarship worth INR 7.5 lacs will also be distributed to students on the basis of performance in the exam at the sole discretion of EduFund & CREST Olympiads will be recognizing students with Medals, Trophies & Certificates based on their performance in the exam.

    Another achievement of CREST Olympiads for 2023 is added, CREST Olympiads has become the Official Academic Partner of Water Bank Foundation Trust for Water Action Agenda, a United Nations (UN) Initiative.

    International Teacher Olympiads

    First of its kind initiative launched in 2023 by CREST Olympiads to test the subject proficiency of teachers in Mathematics, Science & English. This step is taken in tune with the rapid changes in the education system and considering teachers’ proficiency in the subjects necessary. The teachers appearing and clearing cut-off in the CREST International Teacher Olympiads (CITO) tests will feel confident about their proficiency in the subjects they teach. At the same time help them stand out from the competition and enhance their market reputation. This in turn will add weightage to their CV.

    New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF) 2023

    New Delhi Book Fair is a major calendar event organized every year. CREST Olympiads participated as a partner in NDWBF 2023, which helped us showcase our variety of Olympiad books across grades to students and parents. Before moving forward, don’t forget to check the pictures of CREST Olympiads stall at NDWBF 2023.

    The list of initiatives is going to be never-ending for CREST Olympiads. It has been a transformational journey for CREST Olympiads from 2018 till date. Many more updations to be made & new accomplishments to be achieved.

    CREST Olympiads vs Traditional Olympiads

    CREST Olympiads is a pioneer in its focus to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about problems from multiple perspectives with a strong emphasis on conceptual knowledge. These Olympiad exams are trying to break the typical stereotype around conventional Olympiad exams.

      Traditional Olympiads CREST Olympiads
    Mode of exam Pen & paper Online
    Date of exam Fixed Flexibility provided to students to choose a date
    Type of exam A mix of theory & practical Focus entirely on conceptual understanding and discourage rote learning
    Application to exam Typically through schools Encourage individual as well as school participation
    Preparation None Two (2) complimentary practice exams
    Access to Olympiad organization Generally not available Invite parents & students to write to info@crestolympiads.com for queries & continuous feedback