Olympiad Exam Syllabus

CREST Olympiad exam syllabus covers topics that help to level up essential skills required for students in their career ahead. This includes sharpening your aptitude skills, thinking skills, innovative skills, English listening skills, reasoning skills and most importantly making you ready for future competitions. These are a few skills listed, but there are many more skills that you’ll be able to master from the schooling age by taking CREST Olympiads exams.

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The majority of the questions asked in the exams are generally from the topics listed in the syllabus. It gives aspirants room to do a lot of practice in the form of various problem sets. Hence, it is a best practice to get well-versed with it to increase the chance to score better in the actual examination. Olympiad syllabus for Classes KG to 10 are provided in the links below for all the subjects. In-depth details are provided to make understanding easier for the students.

CMO Syllabus

CSO Syllabus

CEO Syllabus

CRO Syllabus

CCO Syllabus

CMMO Syllabus

IGWO Syllabus

CIDO Syllabus

CSB Syllabus

CSBW Syllabus

Olympiad Syllabus plays a key role in the preparation for CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO), CREST Science Olympiad (CSO), CREST English Olympiad (CEO), CREST Reasoning Olympiad (CRO), CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO), CREST International Spell Bee Summer Olympiad (CSB) and CREST International Spell Bee Winter Olympiad (CSBW) for Classes KG-10. Preparation for any exam requires a perfect strategy to ensure success in it. Hence, the right approach towards the preparation should be getting yourself familiarised with the syllabus, which covers all the topics along with the marking distribution. This helps the students to create a mind map to proceed with the preparation.

CREST Olympiad syllabus for different exams helps to identify the topics from which the questions to be framed in the actual exams. After reviewing it, you can start practicing the topics from the various books, notes and various other resources. The questions put up in the CMO, CSO, CEO, CRO, CCO, CSB and CSBW examinations require a detailed understanding of the topic and are framed to test the practical application.

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