CREST Olympiads Workbooks for Grades KG-10

Looking for additional practice? Go for CREST Olympiads Workbook(s) available for Grades KG-10 in Mathematics, Science, English and Reasoning.

How to buy physical CREST Olympiads Workbook(s)?

How to buy digital CREST Olympiads Workbook(s)?


How to purchase physical CREST Olympiads Workbooks (Black & White)?

Step 1: Fill in the given form with the correct details on this page.
Step 2: Select the option “Physical” in the Workbooks field to buy a physical workbook.
Step 3: Select the Workbook(s) you want to purchase and then fill in the complete postal address for delivery of the book.
Step 4: Click on the Pay for Workbook(s) button.

Once you’ve successfully completed the above steps, you’ve successfully purchased the workbook.

Important note to consider in the case of Digital Workbook(s)

The workbook(s) are generally delivered to the postal address within 5-7 working days after the successful purchase of the workbook.

How to purchase digital CREST Olympiads Workbooks (Coloured)?

Step 1: Fill in the given form with the correct details on this page.
Step 2: Select the option “Digital” in the Workbooks field to buy a digital workbook.
Step 3: Select the Workbook(s) you want to purchase and then click on the Pay and Download button.
Step 4: Once the payment is done, you will be redirected to the download page from where you can download the Workbook(s).

Important note to consider in the case of Digital Workbook(s)

The Workbook(s) can be downloaded once only i.e. ONE-TIME download. Hence, after downloading the Workbook(s), make sure to save it too. Because if you want to re-download the Workbook(s), you will have to pay again. Remember, not to exit the screen before the download gets complete, otherwise, you won’t be able to download the Workbook(s).

About Olympiad Books

Are you preparing for the Olympiad exams and searching for the best Olympiad books to crack these exams? If yes, then continue reading as here more information is provided about Olympiad books.

Olympiads are generally conducted for students in classes KG to 10 at the national and international levels. Olympiad exams are probably beneficial to students because these exams foster a spirit of competition among them. Also help to enhance students' intellectual, problem-solving abilities and many other skills.

Children who are taking Olympiad examinations must study diligently to bag a rank. During the preparation phase, Olympiad books play an important role. Students generally go for Olympiad books as these provide in-depth knowledge on topics and help students to be ahead of their peers.

About CREST Olympiads Workbooks

Olympiad examinations are nothing to be scared of. Selection of the right study resource is the key to performing well in Olympiad exams. With the right guidance and direction led by Olympiad workbooks, students will not just prepare well but they will also prepare strategically.

Keeping this in mind & with the aim to help students prepare for various Olympiad exams, CREST Olympiads has launched the Olympiad workbooks. These books are available for the following subjects:

  1. CREST Mathematics Workbooks (Available for Grades KG-10)
  2. CREST Science Workbooks (Available for Grades KG-10)
  3. CREST English Workbooks (Available for Grades KG-10)
  4. CREST Reasoning Workbooks (Available for Grades 1-10)

CREST Olympiads workbooks are specially designed to help students develop the skills that are required to crack the different Olympiad exams and similar competitions. Additionally helps to familiarize students with the type of questions given in Olympiad exams.

CREST Olympiad workbooks are a complete set of study resources created by subject matter experts. For the preparation for Olympiad exams in Science, Maths, English and Reasoning students can confidently rely on these workbooks.

What do CREST Olympiads workbooks cover?

Now while it may sound really appealing, acing in Olympiad exams is not as simple as one would expect it to be. But with the launch of CREST Olympiads workbooks, students can add flying colors to their preparation for CREST Olympiads exams and other International and National competitive exams.

As these are regarded as the best Olympiad books, hence let us try to understand more about CREST Olympiads workbooks. This will help students to make their decision of choosing these books for preparation:

  1. The books give students fascinating content through the use of illustrations and examples which helps to boost their preparation. The chapter-wise reading material is presented in a systematic manner covering the whole concept.
  2. The workbooks include practice exercises for each chapter as well as the answer key at the end of the book.
  3. The books also contain CREST Olympiads previous year paper for practice which gives students an idea about the CREST Olympiads exam format.

Frequently Asked Questions on Olympiad Books

1. Which books are best for the Olympiad exams preparation?

CREST Olympiads has created a series of books for the preparation of various Olympiad exams. These books are available in Mathematics, Science, English & Reasoning for grades KG-10. The workbooks offer in-depth reading material on the topics and a range of questions for practice are added. The books provide clear explanations of the topics with examples.

Best Books for Maths Olympiad Preparation
1. NCERT Mathematics Books
2. CREST Mathematics Workbooks (Available for Grades KG-10)

Best Books for Science Olympiad Preparation
1. NCERT Science Books
2. CREST Science Workbooks (Available for Grades KG-10)

Best Books for English Olympiad Preparation
1. CREST English Workbooks (Available for Grades KG-10)

Best Books for Reasoning Olympiad Preparation
1. CREST Reasoning Workbooks (Available for Grades 1-10)

2. What is an Olympiad Reasoning book?

Generally, students can find the Reasoning section in almost every competitive exam. Students refer to the Reasoning Olympiad books to prepare for Reasoning Olympiad exams and similar other competitions.

The Olympiad Reasoning book includes reading material and practice questions about the topics that come in various Reasoning Olympiad exams. These books are appropriate to analyze the preparation level.

Students can refer to CREST Reasoning Olympiad workbooks that are available for grades 1-10. CREST Reasoning Olympiad workbooks help students prepare for almost all reputed Reasoning Olympiad exams conducted in India and other competitions.

3. What books should I read for the Olympiad exams?

Students can begin their preparation by reading the books recommended by their school board (ICSE, CBSE, or state board). In addition, students can use CREST Olympiads books (available for Grades KG-10 in subjects of Maths, Science, English & Reasoning) to improve their ranking.

4. How do I prepare my child for the Olympiad exams?

Proper preparation is especially important when a student is planning to take a competitive exam, such as the Olympiad. One of the best ways to achieve good results in the Olympiad exams is to create a structured study schedule based on the curriculum and stick to it regularly. A proper study schedule that is diligently followed can organize your child's preparation and make it easier to complete the entire syllabus within time.

Once you are well aware of the complete syllabus, the next and foremost step would be to consult some extra Olympiad books and to make their preparation more interesting. To help students in their preparation CREST Olympiads has launched a workbook for classes KG -10.

CREST Olympiads Workbooks offer previous year question papers, Covers topic-wise explanations and practice questions and much more. Which helps students to become familiar with the difficulty of the questions that appeared in the main examination.

5. How to download/purchase Olympiad books PDF?

CREST Olympiads books are available in both digital pdf format (coloured) & as physical books (black & white). Students can purchase these Olympiad books from the CREST Olympiads website directly.

6. Whom do I contact if I have any questions?
For queries, kindly write to us at or call/WhatsApp at +91-98182-94134. >> Join CREST Olympiads WhatsApp Channel for latest updates.