Cyber Olympiad for Class 9

CREST Cyber Olympiad for class 9

CREST Olympiads organize CREST Cyber Olympiad. It is an international Cyber Olympiad exam for students who desire to enhance their cyber skills. With growing age children become fond of computers, mobile phones and new gadgets. This simply signifies their interest in technology and cyber. CREST Cyber Olympiad for class 9 is the best way to motivate and encourage students’ interest in technology & computer in an effective and efficient way.

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Eligibility Criteria for Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Exams

a. Students can enroll either through their schools or on their own (individually).
b. Students enrolling through schools must be affiliated with a recognized board, such as CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Board, etc.
c. International students can also take part in the exam.
d. CREST Cyber Olympiad is a single-level exam.
e. The online Cyber Olympiad of CREST Olympiads can be taken from the home.

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Benefits of Cyber Olympiad Exams for Class 9

1. Exams like the Cyber Olympiad are crucial in establishing children's skills and potential to succeed in today's technology environment.

2. The Cyber/Computer Olympiad exam gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and talents at the international level & compete with the world’s best talents.

How to Apply for Cyber Olympiad for Class 9?

Registration for international Cyber Olympiad for class 9 can be done by students on their own or through school.

The school has to fill in the form present here:, and it will be contacted within 48 working hours with the next steps.

Students who register separately from school & want to appear for the online Cyber Olympiad exam for class 9 can follow these simple steps:
1. Go to the browser and copy-paste this link:
2. The registration form pops up.
3. Fill in all the registration form details.
4. Select the exam at the bottom of the details filling section in the registration form you wish to appear in.
5. Read the instructions carefully.
6. Make the payment.
7. Registration is complete.


1. Cyber Olympiad Individual registrations by students are accepted.

2. Students who have not done registration through school will have to take exams from home. The individual participating should have a computer or laptop with a webcam and a good internet facility. The exam is monitored through a webcam.

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Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Exam Syllabus

The class 9 Computer Olympiad exams are one of the most effective examinations to instill cyber skills in kids and help increase their intelligence. Children in class 9 have inquisitive brains. Students can find the entire syllabus in a detailed format on the official website.

Dates and Fee for Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Exams

The exam dates for CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO) for Class 9 for the Academic Year 2024-25 are as given below:

Level 1 exam dates 11th January 2025
23rd January 2025
Last date for registration It is advisable to register for the exam before December. 
Level 1 answer key dates 27th-28th Jan 2025
Level 1 result date Generally, the results are announced within a month's time after the last answer key date

Note: Check Olympiad exam dates for other CREST Olympiads subjects as well.

The exam fee is INR 225 for students studying and enrolling from India. For students studying and residing outside of India, the fee is country specific.

How to Prepare for Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Exams?

First and foremost, the most significant stage in the Cyber Olympiad preparation is to look over the entire Cyber Olympiad syllabus for class 9. It is quite helpful and assists students by offering a quick summary of the topics.

For CREST Cyber Olympiad, students are advised to solve Cyber Olympiad questions and practice mock tests on a regular basis as it is beneficial for students to evaluate the types of questions that will be asked during the Cyber Olympiad exam. Students can also opt for the Cyber Olympiad books. The books especially assist students to prepare for the examination in a more detailed manner & work like a magic wand to help kids score their desired ranks. Above tips will surely help students in the preparation of Computer Olympiad exams.

Preparation Material Link
Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Sample Paper Check here
Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Previous Year Paper Check here
Olympiad Books

Cut-off & Answer Key for Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Exams

Class 9 Cyber Olympiad cut-off & rankings for the CREST Cyber Olympiad are normally made public so that candidates are aware of the minimum grading criterion. This informs students of the minimal passing score for the CREST Cyber Olympiad exam. The cut-offs are announced after the exam is held. Participants can find the cut-off on the CREST Olympiads website.

After the examination, the answer key for the CREST Cyber Olympiad for class 9 is revealed. This strategy of publishing answer keys to students aids in comprehending their mistakes and correcting them for future exams. The class 9 CREST Cyber Olympiad answer key will be made accessible on the CREST Olympiads’ official website.

Results of Class 9 Cyber Olympiad Exams

One month following the last answer key date, the class 9 CREST Cyber Olympiad results are made public. In the performance section of the dashboard on the website, participants can quickly view their results.

Awards for Cyber Olympiad

Since its inception, CREST Olympiads have always awarded and recognized the Cyber Olympiad exam winners. We believe that it gives students immense happiness when rewarded for their hard work, determination, dedication and more. The students who show outstanding performance are awarded and recognized. Check Olympiad exam prizes in detail now.

Class 9 Cyber Olympiad FAQs

1. What are the different ways to participate in the Cyber Olympiad?

The CREST Cyber Olympiad for class 9 can be accessed in two ways. Students can enroll either through their schools or on their own (individually). International students can also take part in the exam. The class 9 CREST Cyber Olympiad is conducted in 1 level only.

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