CREST Cyber Olympiad Class 9 Sample Papers

Sample PDF of CREST Cyber Olympiad for Class 9:

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Section 1: Algorithms and Flowcharts in Programming, Visual Basic, Animations, HTML (Links, Anchors and Table tags), MS-Word, MS-Excel (Formula Auditing, Data Tools, Protecting and Sharing Workbooks/Worksheets, Working with Cell Range), MS-PowerPoint, Hardware, Software, Input & Output Devices, Memory & Storage Devices, Flash CS6, Communication Technology (Networking, Internet and Multimedia), Operating Systems (Types-Interactive (GUI based), Real Time and Distributed, Commonly used OS), Windows, Latest Developments in the Field of IT.

Achievers Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section 1.

Questions are based on Windows 7 and MS-Office 2010.

Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q.10


Which one of the following option is not an example of a utility program?


Which type of animation is best for developing characters that would showcase depth and realism?


All the following statements are true about variable names except one. Identify it:


Which function in Excel is used to determine the day of the week for a date?


Fill in the blank:

________ is the viewer of any sort of multimedia project that helps to control what and when the elements within it are delivered.


In MS-Word, what will happen if you press the F8 key three times?


In a worksheet in MS-Excel, what is the shortcut key to hide the entire row?


Fill in the blank:

In Visual Basic, we can preserve the value of a local variable by making the variable _______________.


Which of the following refers to dangerous programs that can be 'caught' on opening E-mail attachments and downloading software from the Internet?


Observe the images given below and identify the fastest transmission media among the following:

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Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:


CREST Cyber Olympiad is an internationally conducted exam for students of class 9. This examination requires dedicated and efficient preparation to score good marks and rank in the examination. One of the best ways to excel in preparation is to practice Cyber Olympiad sample papers. The sample questions will help participating students get a close understanding of the types of questions generally asked in the CCO exam. To have a good grip on the subject students must definitely attempt at least 5 sample papers.

Practicing Cyber Olympiad previous years’ question papers for class 9 gives students an actual examination feel. Participants can download for class 9 from this page. The sample paper is divided into various small sections that include multiple choice questions and covers each and every topic of the syllabus. This way students will develop a good problem-solving capability which will further help them during the examination. For additional Cyber Olympiad questions, students can give 2 free practice tests.

Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:

Q.1 : b | Q.2 : a | Q.3 : c | Q.4 : b | Q.5 : b | Q.6 : b | Q.7 : b | Q.8 : c | Q.9 : b | Q.10 : b