CREST Cyber Olympiad Class 2 Sample Paper

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Section 1: Computers - A Smart Machine, General Information about Computers, Parts of Computer, Uses of Computer, Learning to Use Keyboard and Mouse, MS Paint, Latest Developments in the Field of IT.

Achievers Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section 1.

Questions are based on Windows 11.

Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q.10


What is the function of the tool given in the image?


See the pictures and identify the function key from the following:


Which of the following is not an example of an input device?


Find the odd one out:


Which of the following computer is a palmtop?


The scroll button of the mouse performs which of the following function?


Complete the following sentence:

I am control unit of CPU and I ________.


Which of the following function is associated with the shortcut key combination Ctrl + S?


Fill in the blank:

Modern computer usually use a TFT-LCD or _________ monitor for display.


Choose the correct answer:

I perform very well when used with other keys. Which key am I?

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Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:


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Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:

Q.1 : a | Q.2 : a | Q.3 : d | Q.4 : a | Q.5 : b | Q.6 : d | Q.7 : c | Q.8 : d | Q.9 : b | Q.10 : a