CREST International Spell Bee - Summer Class 2 Sample Paper

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Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 2

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

Animals: buffalo, cheetah, chimpanzee, giraffe, gorilla, hare, hippopotamus, jaguar, kangaroo, leopard, pony, squirrel

Birds: canary, hornbill, hummingbird, kingfisher, kiwi, magpie, ostrich, robin, vulture, woodpecker

Insects: ant, beetle, butterfly, caterpillar, cockroach, grasshopper, honeybee, housefly, spider, worm

Animals - Homes, Young Ones, Sound: bear-growl, cow-moo, dog-bark, donkey-bray, duck-quack, elephant-trumpet, fox-cub, goat-bleat, horse-neigh, horse-stable, lion-cave, monkey-infant, mouse-squeak, owl-owlet, pig-grunt, sheep-lamb, sheep-shed

Body Parts: calf, claw, elbow, eyebrow, eyelash, foot, forehead, heel, jaw, nostril, ribs, shoulder, stomach, toe, wings

Relationships: classmate, cousin, daughter, family, grandchild, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, grandson, husband

Food Items: burger, cabbage, cereal, cookie, cupcake, honey, pumpkin, spice, wheat

Trees/Plants/Flowers/Fruits: blueberry, cauliflower, daisy, grapes, jasmine, peach, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, sunflower, tulip

Clothing: gloves, jacket, scarf, skirt, stockings, sweater, trousers, uniform

Everyday Items: basket, bench, bicycle, box, breakfast, brick, brush, bucket, building, carpet, carriage, chain, eraser, loaf, packet, picture, plank, prize, quilt, skate, spade, stack, stamp, tram, water

Our Environment: church, circus, clown, court, crew, field, frost, game, garden, ground, lawn, magic, market, morning, park, place, prisoner, river, scrap, sea, shade, shadow, shape, shell, shower, smoke, space, splash, stone, string, thorn, track, window, yard

Adjectives: absolute, accurate, alone, alone, another, awake, awake, aware, awful, bald, bare, blind, blunt, boiled, bored, bright, broad, bulky, careful, caring, central, certain, clean, clever, curious, dark, delighted, difficult, dirty, drowsy, eager, early, elastic, excited, fair, fair, familiar, famous, filthy, firm, flexible, fried, friendly, frigid, gentle, giant, gloomy, greedy, grey, happy, harmless, jolly, keen, kind, large, lazy, mad, maritime, moist, nervous, playful, plump, pretty, queer, quiet, sacred, sad, scared, second, secret, secure, serious, sick, simple, smooth, sour, steady, thick, tough, tropical, weakness, wealthy, wise, worst

Preposition/Adverbs: always, behind, below, everywhere, from, inside, into, outside, quite, soon, then, there, through, until, upstairs, with, yesterday

Verbs: absent, accept, achieve, admire, admit, appear, argue, arouse, arrive, bail, bake, begin, bleach, blow, bounce, burst, carry, chase, chew, chirp, claim, classify, combine, compare, count, crash, decide, discover, dive, dive, double, draw, drive, drive, enter, erase, escape, estimate, exit, finish, float, found, freeze, gather, grasp, grunt, guess, hear, help, hide, hope, invent, invite, join, leap, leave, like, live, make , march, meet, mend, mend, mention, observe, pass, please, poke, predict, prefer, publish, push, record, recover, reflect, repair, require, rip, search, separate, settle, shiver, slid, steer, straighten , support, travel, tremble, wonder, worry

Synonyms: enormous- large, forgive- excuse, crash-smash, gentle-pleasant, giant-large, grow-cultivate, ill-sick, jog-run, listen-hear, little-small, lucky- fortunate, neat-tidy, puzzle-riddle, sack-bag, stout-fat, true-right, wise-clever, wonder-amaze

Antonyms: dull- bright, stiff- flexible, begin-finish, care-ignore, create-destroy, dream-reality, last-first, lazy-lively, noise-quiet, remember- forget, right-wrong, sell-buy, separate-combine, short-long, sour-sweet, start-stop, thick-thin

Double Letter Words: across, between, book, bottle, broom, bubble, cheer, cottage, creek, dinner, floor, fuss, kennel, nineteen, queen, success, village, weed

Nouns: ability, access, accuracy, ache, acquire, addition, address, admission, advance, agent, argument, bachelor, backpack, backyard, bacteria, bakery, balance, bangle, banjo, barrier, baseball, bazaar, bean, bee, beggar, benefit, blade, border, bread, bundle, canteen, capsule, cargo, cartoon, cause, cement, channel, cloud, clown, component, connection, cooperation, crack, crocodile, cushion, cycle, design, detail, diagram, difference, dispute, document, doorbell, doubt, dozen, dress, effect, effort, electricity, elevator, enemy, energy, episode, evening, excitement, exercise, faith, feast, flight, flock, flood, flute, friend, fur, furniture, galaxy, garment, ginger, grain, gravity, grease, groom, hardware, idea, income, insect, instrument, laughter, laundry, leadership, licence, luxury, magician, magnet, manager, marvel, matter, message, midnight, mischief, motor, mountain, notice, number, ocean, opinion, paw, peak, pigeon, planet, proof, puzzle, queue, reality, reflection, revise, rocket, rule, scent, scholar, science, scientist, seesaw, shelter, skill, sleet, soil, spring, sprout, stallion, stamp, stomach, straw, stream, subtraction, surfing, sword, talent, team, telescope, tower, treasure, truth, tunnel, twelve, universe, vegetarian, vehicle, village, warmth, washroom, wizard, wonder, yard

Miscellaneous: acceptable, across, again, airplane, already, among, another, available, backpack, below, birthday, camping, daybreak, eighth, elbow, many, neither, slight, some, upstairs, watchful

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Class 1. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

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Find the misspelt word in the sentence:

An idle brane is a devil's workshop.


Select the correct spelling for the image:


Choose the correctly spelt word:


Find the extra letter in the word:



Insert the correct letter to form a word:



Find the misspelt word in the sentence:

Girafe is the tallest living terrestrial animal.


Choose the correctly spelt word:


Select the correct spelling for the image:


Choose the incorrectly spelt word:


Select the feminine form of the word:


Your Score: 0/10

Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:


International Olympiad exams have a distinct advantage. You can't predict how large or complicated the competition will be. One such exam is the CREST International Spell Bee (Summer). The practice of previous years’ papers is extremely important in order to get an exact idea of how the question paper will transform out in the exam.

We are all aware that previous years’ papers are the exact papers that were used previously. As a result, they provide us with a good understanding of the types of questions asked, the difficulty level and how to manage time.

CREST Olympiads provides CREST International Spell Bee (Summer) class 2 previous year papers to assist you in your preparation. These papers are provided with answers and explanations.

Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:

Q.1 : c | Q.2 : d | Q.3 : d | Q.4 : a | Q.5 : b | Q.6 : b | Q.7 : a | Q.8 : c | Q.9 : d | Q.10 : d