CREST International Spell Bee - Summer Class 4 Sample Paper

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Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 4

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

Education: academic, alphabet, competition, curriculum, dialogue, discipline, experience, information, instruction, internship, jingle, knowledge, literature, recipient, scholar, scholarship, training, tuition

Science and Technology: amphibian, animation, attraction, axis, biodiversity, biosphere, bookmark, compression, creature, cyberspace, deforestation, eclipse, ecology, ecosystem, environment, epicentre, equator, evolution, firewall, genetics, geology, gravity, interface, laboratory, malware, measure, ocean, planet, processor, radiation, renewable, resistor, resource, robotics, rotation, router, satellite, scientific, server, transpiration

Clothing: blanket, slacks, sweatshirt

Aquatic Life: dugong, grouper, haddock, halibut, herring, prawn, puffin, seagull, seal, waterweed

Occupation: actress, author, blacksmith, businessman, carpenter, coach, electrician, engineer, fisherman, goldsmith, hairdresser, judge, lawyer, mason, mechanic, narrator, peon, plumber, politician, reporter, scientist, sportsman, surgeon, trainer, wrestler

Sports: archery, baseball, challenge, gymnastics, rugby, skateboarding, swimming, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling

Transport and Communication: conveyance, helicopter, motorcycle, roadway, tablet, telephone

Nouns: acceleration, activity, address, agency, agenda, agony, agreement, agriculture, alert, allowance, amount, ancestor, apartment, approach, arena, association, assumption, attitude, attraction, audience, availability, avenue, baggage, bear, beggar, benefit, blunder, building, burrow, camera, canyon, capitol, captivity, century, chamber, chapter, charity, chimney, cigarette, circular, circumstance, column, combustion, community, competition, concern, conflict, content, conversation, cottage, couch, courage, creativity, crumb, cupboard, curiosity, dawn, decision, delight, delivery, design, desire, dinosaur, disaster, discussion, distress, dusk, ease, emphasis, entrance, equator, equipment, evening, executive, explorer, fearlessness, fiction, fleece, focus, fright, frontier, gain, garden, gasoline, generosity, gesture, government, grocery, ground, group, guilt, hardship, host, impact, innocent, janitor, kingdom, kneecap, label, lack, lad, laughter, legislature, leisure, limb, magnetism, maintenance, master, mattress, meadow, menace, minority, mistrust, monster, mountain, necessity, noise, novelist, octopus, orchard, ounce, pesticide, pioneer, pleasure, portion, practice, pride, qualifier, quarter, quest, quietness, quilt, refugee, represent, response, routine, seasoning, shame, shield, slumber, sorrow, source, sow, sow, spirit, squad, storm, surface, terror, threat, tornado, tour, tradition, vacation, variety, venture, visitor, voyage, vulture, weekend, wizard, world

Prefix: auto(close, pilot, etc.), dis(obey, respect, etc.), fore(cast, head, etc.), im(port, possible, etc.), in(ability, definite, etc.), mid(life, way, etc.), mis(behave, fortune, understand, etc.), pre(cast, determine, etc.), re(build, call, discover, etc.), semi(automatic, circle, final, etc.), sub(marine, merge, etc.), un(aware, close, conscious, etc.), uni(directional, lateral, etc.), dis(order, appoint, allow, agree, courage, lodge, belief, continue, honest, respect, etc.) sub(tract, marine, way, etc.), de(generate, fuse, etc.), un(fair, sure, even, known, believable, necessary, less, etc.), tri(cycle, pod, etc.)

Suffix (able, al, ance, ant, ence, est, ful, ial, ion, ish, ize, less, ly, st): agree(able), present(able), reach(able), depend(able), comfort(able), accident(al), origin(al), politic(al), rent(al), natur(al), accept(ance), perform(ance), account(ant), contest(ant), differ(ence), exist(ence), refer(ence), infer(ence), fast(est), high(est), low(est), delight(ful), financ(ial), part(ial), president(ial), prevent(ion), child(ish), general(ize), modern(ize), hope(less), hopeful(ly), natural(ly), pleasant(ly), adamant(ly), bad(ly), simple(st), apart(ment), agree(ment), govern(ment), enjoy(ment), treat(ment), manage(ment), excite(ment), king(dom), free(dom), star(dom), bore(dom), skill(ful), usual(ly), rest(less), worth(less), wit(ness),

Adjectives: accurate, aggressive, airborne, alien, alive, annual, anxious, appropriate, ashamed, asleep, attentive, attentive, attractive, awake, aware, awkward, basic, beautiful, blind, brief, brilliant, capable, carefree, circular, complete, confusing, considerable, consistent, creative, critical, cruel, deliberate, delicious, depressing, description, destructive, disastrous, doubtful, dramatic, eager, educational, efficient, entire, entire, equal, essential, essential, exact, expensive, exterior, extraordinary, flexible, fluent, fragile, frequent, furious, genius, genuine, giant, graceful, greedy, guilty, handsome, harsh, heroic, heroic, horrible, humble, impossible, instant, intelligent, interior, invisible, invisible, inward, mature, melodic, modest, noble, outstanding, parallel, patient, peculiar, peculiar, plentiful, pointless, polite, precious, queer, recent, scary, secure, several, severe, shabby, shabby, shallow, solitary, spare, strange, sturdy, terrible, tidy, timid, tragic, typical, useful, usual, vacant, vast, visible

Adverbs: absolutely, accurately, adoringly, awkwardly, beneath, brutally, certainly, frequently, never, positively, previously, quickly, rapidly, urgently, warmly, wishfully

Verbs: accelerate, accept, accomplish, accuse, accuse, adapt, adopt, afford, agree, announce, announce, appreciate, argue, arrest, ascend, assign, assist, associate, attempt, believe, blame, blend, blossom, breathe, buckle, calculate, cancel, chatter, cheer, chirp, collapse, combat, communicate, communicate, comprehend, concentrate, concern, conclude, confuse, congratulate, congratulate, consider, continue, contribute, convince, create, debate, decide, defy, deliver, demonstrate, descend, develop, disclose, discuss, distract, elope, emerge, entertain, envy, estimate, exclaim, exist, expect, frighten, fumble, gasp, gather, gaze, gleam, graze, grind, guess, hail, increase, indicate, inspire, irritate, manufacture, mock, negotiate, obey, observe, permit, plead, pour, practise, preach, predict, prefer, prepare, proceed, quarrel, recommend, rectify, reduce, release, remind, represent, request, rescue, resist, retreat, reveal, scroll, search, shatter, sneeze, spread, squabble , squeeze, starve, strive, suppose, surf, surprise, survive, swallow, tickle, twirl, twitch , understand, urge, verify, whisper, whistle, withdraw

Synonyms: ability-capacity, bliss- pleasure, cease-stop, firm-strong, freedom- liberty, gather-collect, giggle-laugh, hermit- recluse, honest-faithful, horrible-terrible, interesting-exciting, mistake-error, opportunity-chance, plenty-abundance, reject-deny, reward-prize, round-circular, sincere-honest, stable-fixed, unfortunate-unlucky, wonderful-amazing, wrong-incorrect

Antonyms: bitter-sweet, decline-accept, defend-harm, definite-indefinite, domestic- wild, exterior-interior, fail-succeed, forever-never, fortunate-unfortunate, gloomy-cheerful, greedy-charitable, healthy-diseased, intentional-accidental, merry-serious, patient-agitated, polite-rude, present- absent, punishment- reward, relax-stress, strange-familiar, triumph-fail, ugly-beautiful

Compound Words: automobile, beehive, beehive, birthday, blackmail, bodyguard, bookcase, bookworm, brainstorm, briefcase, briefcase, childbirth, copyright, crossword, earthquake, farmhouse, farmyard, father-in-law, fingerprint, forecast, french fry, full moon, hallway, hardware, hillside, ice cream, meanwhile, moonlight, newscast, notebook, railroad, raincoat, thunderstorm, toothpaste, video game, waistcoat, wheelchair, wonderland

Words with Silent Letters: ballet, bridge, champagne, colleague, column, edge, foreign, grudge, guard, heir, island, knit, knot, length, neighbour, often, receipt, strength, though, tongue, wrist

Double Letter Words: across, button, clatter, gossip, hurry, illicit, lagoon, loot, mammal, messy, offend, possible, programme, saddle, seepage, spree, summary, syllabus, tariff

Masculine and Feminine: bachelor-maid, bridegroom-bride, dog-bitch, drake-duck, drone-bee, duke-duchess, emperor-empress, heir-heiress, hero-heroine, horse-mare, host-hostess, master-mistress, nephew-niece, poet-poetess, policeman-policewoman, priest-priestess, widower-widow, wizard-witch

Evil Words (Words likely to be spelt incorrectly): accommodation, address, admittance, ancestor, anxiety, aquarium, bachelor, beginning, committee, computer, disappoint, necessary, plentiful, safety, trespass

Miscellaneous: afterwards, altogether, commonly, degree, instead

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words

This section will be based on the above-given word list.

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Classes 1-3. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Q.1 Q.2 Q.3 Q.4 Q.5 Q.6 Q.7 Q.8 Q.9 Q.10


Choose the antonym of the word:



Choose the synonym of the word:



Find the misspelt word in the sentence:

He tends to exaggerate when he talks about his accommplishments.


Choose the correct suffix to form a meaningful word:



Choose the correctly spelt word:


Choose the correct prefix to form a meaningful word:



Select the feminine form of the given word:



Choose the correct suffix to form a meaningful word:



Choose the word with incorrect spelling:


Choose the correct prefix to form a meaningful word:


Your Score: 0/10

Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:


There are various advantages to encouraging youngsters to participate in a Spell Bee competition. The Spell Bee exam prepares participants to have a more thorough knowledge of words rather than just the actual memorization of words. It enables the class 4 students to learn the word's meaning, pronunciation, vocabulary and much more.

The greatest method to get ready for a Spelling Bee is through dictation. Regular dictation practice will surely help the child in the Spell Bee competition. Practicing previous years’ Spell Bee sample papers will help them avoid mistakes brought on by stress and anxiety during the competition.

For your preparation, CREST Olympiads has provided class 4 previous year paper for the CREST International Spelling Bee (Summer). The correct answer to each question is also provided at the end of the previous year paper.

Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:

Q.1 : a | Q.2 : a | Q.3 : d | Q.4 : b | Q.5 : d | Q.6 : c | Q.7 : b | Q.8 : a | Q.9 : b | Q.10 : d