CREST International Spell Bee - Summer Sample Papers

The International Spell Bee Summer exam of the CREST Olympiad is conducted for grades 1-8 every year. It is Asia’s first Online Spelling Assessment exam which assesses students on English vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation of words. The exam intends to develop a building foundation in English language skills. We are Asia’s first online proctored Spell Bee exam. Audio based questions are asked in the exam which is provided by only CREST Olympiads. To know more about this exam features, visit here. 70-76% of questions will come from the predefined word list only. Refer to the syllabus page for this.

Out of many organizations conducting the Spell Bee exam, the most popular is CREST International Spell Bee (Summer) Olympiad. There are many reasons why students prefer CREST Spell Bee over others. It focuses on words based on categories that are needed for students of a specific grade. To know more about benefits, click here.

Most of you are already familiar with the exam type of the exam, but for many of you out there it’s completely new. Even few of you must have heard about the Spell Bee exam for the very first time. Whatever the scenario is, we have created this space especially to make you aware of the question types, topics from which questions are put up, level of difficulty of the questions and many more similar things to make you completely aware about each aspect of the CREST International Spell Bee (Summer) Olympiad. Check out the CREST Spell Bee sample papers for classes 1-8 to know inside out of the exam. Also check the marking scheme here.

CREST Spell Bee sample questions are very helpful for the students to practice and improve their performance. The student should go thoroughly with the sample papers before starting their preparation. This helps them to identify the most frequently asked topics asked in the question paper. Hence, students can focus more on those topics.

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Online Olympiad Exams conducted by CREST brings best out of children. It is a perfect platform where students from India and abroad compete to showcase their talent and assess themselves.

One should participate in different Olympiad exams, this helps them to improve on the various skills. Each exam intends to test some specific skills, thereby making students familiar with the various skills that exist and how questions from there applications are formed that require to be solved by the students.


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