CREST International Spell Bee - Summer Syllabus

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 1

Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 1

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

Animals: alligator, bear, bull, camel, cat, cow, crab, deer, donkey, elephant, fish, fox, frog, goat, horse, lion, monkey, mouse, ox, pig, rabbit, shark, sheep, snail, tiger, turtle, wolf, yak, zebra

Birds: cock, crane, crow, dove, duck, eagle, goose, hen, owl, parrot, peacock, pigeon, sparrow, swan, turkey

Animals - Homes, Young Ones, Sound: bear-cub, bee-buzz, buffalo-grunt, camel-desert, cat-kitten, cat-meow, cow-calf, crow-caw, deer-fawn, frog-croak, horse-colt, lion-roar, mouse-burrow, parrot-cage, pigeon-coo, sheep-baa

Colours: black, blue, brown, green, khaki, orange, pink, purple, red, violet, white, yellow

Body Parts: arm, cheek, chest, chin, ear, eye, finger, hair, hand, knee, leg, lip, mouth, nail, neck, nose, teeth, tongue

Food Items: biscuit, bread, butter, carrot, cheese, chilli, chocolate, corn, egg, maize, milk, pasta, potato, rice, salad, salt, sandwich, sauce, soup, sugar, tea, tomato

Household Items: bowl, chair, cooker, cooler, flask, glass, hanger, heater, jug, kitchen, lamp, mirror, mug, napkin, needle, plate, spoon, table, towel

Occupation: actor, artist, cook, dancer, dentist, doctor, driver, farmer, nurse, painter, pilot, policeman, postman, sailor, singer, soldier, tailor, teacher, waiter, writer

Relationships: aunt, brother, child, children, daddy, father, mother, parent, sister, son, uncle, wife

Trees/Plants/Flowers/Fruits: apple, bamboo, banana, banyan, berry, coconut, cotton, grain, grape, lemon, lily, lotus, mango, marigold, oak, olive, orange, palm, papaya, pine, rose, watermelon

Clothing: belt, boot, boots, cap, coat, frock, gown, hat, jeans, pants, sandals, shirt, shoes, shorts, slippers, socks, suit, tie

Science: aeroplane, air, animal, branch, climate, cloth, cloud, drain, flower, gas, heat, hygiene, jungle, leaf, liquid, matter, mountain, natural, nature, nest, pencil, people, plant, rainbow, root, school, season, solid, stem, volcano

Adjectives: active, afraid, amazed, angry, angry, annoyed, beautiful, better, big, bitter, blind, bored, brave, bright, broad, calm, calm, capable, careless, cheap, cheap, cheerful, chief, clean, clever, cold, cruel, cute, decent, different, dull, empty, empty, favourite, flat, foolish, frozen, furious, gentle, giant, giggle, glad, golden, greedy, healthy, helpful, honest, huge, huge, hungry, joyful, kind, little, little, local, lonely, loud, loud, naughty, nervous, pretty, pretty, proud, quick, quiet, ripe, sharp, silly, smooth, special, stray, tall, tasty, tasty, thirsty, tired, unable, warm, warm, wrong, young

Verbs: accept, admit, advise, aim, allow, attach, attack, attempt, attend, avoid, bake, bark, bathe, begin, believe, bleed, block, bring, bring, brook, carry, carry, catch, catch, change, cheat, check, cheer, climb, continue, crawl, create, create, cross, cry, dance, decorate, define, demand, describe, destroy, draw, dream, drink, drink, enjoy, explain, fight, finish, float, forget, forgive, fumble, gamble, gargle, glide, grow, guess, happen, hike, imagine, inspect, jump, jump, keep, laugh, lean, learn, listen, need, play, pretend, prick, read, recite, release, reply, reveal, scream, shake, share, shout, shout, sing, sleep, sleep, stick, study, swing, talk, tease, throw, trick, trouble, understand, wake, wake, whisper, wipe, wish, write, yawn, yawn, yell

Synonyms: afraid-scared, big-large, blank-empty, calm-silent, crawl-move, create-build, evil-bad, giant-huge-large, hide-cover, learn-study, lively-energetic, merry-happy, messy-dirty, pretty-beautiful, same-alike, shut-close, sleepy-drowsy, wash-clean

Antonyms: above-below, bad-good, big-small, brave-fearful, clean-dirty, clever-stupid, continue-stop, dark-bright, empty-full, fat-thin, happy-sad, in-out, joy-sorrow, late-early, laugh-cry, listen-ignore, poor-rich, quick-slow, quiet-noisy, slow-fast, strange-usual, tiny-huge, up-down, warm-cold

Double Letter Words: balloon, beep, bell, breeze, cell, coffee, door, egg, feel, food, kitten, letter, marry, merry, pattern, puzzle, ribbon, riddle, ripple, scissors, speech, summer, toffee, tool, tree, umbrella, wheel

Nouns: ability, abroad, accident, account, action, activity, actual, alarm, album, amount, anger, animal , athlete, author, award, bamboo, band, banker, barber, basket, battery, beauty, benefit, bicycle, bike, blanket, blood, bottom, bowl, brain, branch, brand, brass, bubble, bucket, budget, bullet, bunch, cabin, camera, campus, cancel, candy, capital, cart, cave, cave, chain, chance, channel, charm, chemical, circus, cliff, cloud, cone, correct, couch, country, crate, crown, dairy, dark, dawn, dental, desk, dice, doe, dolphin, doubt, dragon, dress, drum, duchess, effect, emperor, fabric, factory, fame, family, farm, feather, feeling, flag, flame, flight, floor, flour, fork, frame, future, gallery, garlic, garment, gentleman, giggle, ground, health, hike, holiday, hook, horse, hotel, joke, kettle, kick, king, lemonade, mare, matter, minute, mixture, morning, mule, nature, niece, novel, nurse, opera, origin, overnight, owner, parent, party, pebble, people, plot, pocket, poem, poet, pollution, pond, power, prank, present, preview, prince, remark, result, ribbon, rider, rooster, safety, scoop, seal, secret, shade, skate, skirt, slice, sloth, spring, storm, story, stunt, switch, target, tennis, tomorrow, town, twist, wagon, whistle, wrist

Miscellaneous: actually, ahead, already, always, anyone, anywhere, away, everywhere, happily, just, outside, someone

Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Please note that the dictionary which will be used for reference is Oxford Learner's Dictionary. This will be w.r.t. spellings & meanings. In case, if the word is not found in this dictionary, then it is assumed that this word does not exist.

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 2

Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 2

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

Animals: buffalo, cheetah, chimpanzee, giraffe, gorilla, hare, hippopotamus, jaguar, kangaroo, leopard, pony, squirrel

Birds: canary, hornbill, hummingbird, kingfisher, kiwi, magpie, ostrich, robin, vulture, woodpecker

Insects: ant, beetle, butterfly, caterpillar, cockroach, grasshopper, honeybee, housefly, spider, worm

Animals - Homes, Young Ones, Sound: bear-growl, cow-moo, dog-bark, donkey-bray, duck-quack, elephant-trumpet, fox-cub, goat-bleat, horse-neigh, horse-stable, lion-cave, monkey-infant, mouse-squeak, owl-owlet, pig-grunt, sheep-lamb, sheep-shed

Body Parts: calf, claw, elbow, eyebrow, eyelash, foot, forehead, heel, jaw, nostril, ribs, shoulder, stomach, toe, wings

Relationships: classmate, cousin, daughter, family, grandchild, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, grandson, husband

Food Items: burger, cabbage, cereal, cookie, cupcake, honey, pumpkin, spice, wheat

Trees/Plants/Flowers/Fruits: blueberry, cauliflower, daisy, grapes, jasmine, peach, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, strawberry, sunflower, tulip

Clothing: gloves, jacket, scarf, skirt, stockings, sweater, trousers, uniform

Everyday Items: basket, bench, bicycle, box, breakfast, brick, brush, bucket, building, carpet, carriage, chain, eraser, loaf, packet, picture, plank, prize, quilt, skate, spade, stack, stamp, tram, water

Our Environment: church, circus, clown, court, crew, field, frost, game, garden, ground, lawn, magic, market, morning, park, place, prisoner, river, scrap, sea, shade, shadow, shape, shell, shower, smoke, space, splash, stone, string, thorn, track, window, yard

Adjectives: absolute, accurate, alone, alone, another, awake, awake, aware, awful, bald, bare, blind, blunt, boiled, bored, bright, broad, bulky, careful, caring, central, certain, clean, clever, curious, dark, delighted, difficult, dirty, drowsy, eager, early, elastic, excited, fair, fair, familiar, famous, filthy, firm, flexible, fried, friendly, frigid, gentle, giant, gloomy, greedy, grey, happy, harmless, jolly, keen, kind, large, lazy, mad, maritime, moist, nervous, playful, plump, pretty, queer, quiet, sacred, sad, scared, second, secret, secure, serious, sick, simple, smooth, sour, steady, thick, tough, tropical, weakness, wealthy, wise, worst

Preposition/Adverbs: always, behind, below, everywhere, from, inside, into, outside, quite, soon, then, there, through, until, upstairs, with, yesterday

Verbs: absent, accept, achieve, admire, admit, appear, argue, arouse, arrive, bail, bake, begin, bleach, blow, bounce, burst, carry, chase, chew, chirp, claim, classify, combine, compare, count, crash, decide, discover, dive, dive, double, draw, drive, drive, enter, erase, escape, estimate, exit, finish, float, found, freeze, gather, grasp, grunt, guess, hear, help, hide, hope, invent, invite, join, leap, leave, like, live, make , march, meet, mend, mend, mention, observe, pass, please, poke, predict, prefer, publish, push, record, recover, reflect, repair, require, rip, search, separate, settle, shiver, slid, steer, straighten , support, travel, tremble, wonder, worry

Synonyms: enormous- large, forgive- excuse, crash-smash, gentle-pleasant, giant-large, grow-cultivate, ill-sick, jog-run, listen-hear, little-small, lucky- fortunate, neat-tidy, puzzle-riddle, sack-bag, stout-fat, true-right, wise-clever, wonder-amaze

Antonyms: dull- bright, stiff- flexible, begin-finish, care-ignore, create-destroy, dream-reality, last-first, lazy-lively, noise-quiet, remember- forget, right-wrong, sell-buy, separate-combine, short-long, sour-sweet, start-stop, thick-thin

Double Letter Words: across, between, book, bottle, broom, bubble, cheer, cottage, creek, dinner, floor, fuss, kennel, nineteen, queen, success, village, weed

Nouns: ability, access, accuracy, ache, acquire, addition, address, admission, advance, agent, argument, bachelor, backpack, backyard, bacteria, bakery, balance, bangle, banjo, barrier, baseball, bazaar, bean, bee, beggar, benefit, blade, border, bread, bundle, canteen, capsule, cargo, cartoon, cause, cement, channel, cloud, clown, component, connection, cooperation, crack, crocodile, cushion, cycle, design, detail, diagram, difference, dispute, document, doorbell, doubt, dozen, dress, effect, effort, electricity, elevator, enemy, energy, episode, evening, excitement, exercise, faith, feast, flight, flock, flood, flute, friend, fur, furniture, galaxy, garment, ginger, grain, gravity, grease, groom, hardware, idea, income, insect, instrument, laughter, laundry, leadership, licence, luxury, magician, magnet, manager, marvel, matter, message, midnight, mischief, motor, mountain, notice, number, ocean, opinion, paw, peak, pigeon, planet, proof, puzzle, queue, reality, reflection, revise, rocket, rule, scent, scholar, science, scientist, seesaw, shelter, skill, sleet, soil, spring, sprout, stallion, stamp, stomach, straw, stream, subtraction, surfing, sword, talent, team, telescope, tower, treasure, truth, tunnel, twelve, universe, vegetarian, vehicle, village, warmth, washroom, wizard, wonder, yard

Miscellaneous: acceptable, across, again, airplane, already, among, another, available, backpack, below, birthday, camping, daybreak, eighth, elbow, many, neither, slight, some, upstairs, watchful

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Class 1. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 3

Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 3

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

Environment: creature, forest, habitat, herd, insect, plateau, pollution, radish, region, stream, structure, thunder, turnip, vegetable

Transport and Communication: adapter, cruise, desktop, dumper, ferry, helicopter, journey, keyboard, laptop, mobile, monitor, railway, ship, steamer, vehicle

Body: activity, muscle, waist

Sports: badminton, baseball, basketball, bowling, boxing, cricket, hockey, karate, tennis

Emotions/Requests/Apology/Greetings: angry, contempt, contentment, crying, disgust, excitement, fear, happiness, joy, sadness, surprise, trust

Quantity: fortnight, hundred, plenty, thousand, twelve, various

Masculine and Feminine: actor-actress, author-authoress, brother-sister, bull-cow, father-mother, gander-goose, gentleman-lady, god-goddess, grandfather-grandmother, hunter-huntress, husband-wife, king-queen, landlord-landlady, lion-lioness, peacock-peahen, prince-princess, son-daughter, tiger-tigress, uncle-aunt, waiter-waitress

Prefix: co(exist, pilot, etc.), dis(honest, like, etc.), en(large, case, etc.), in(ability, active, etc.), non(sense, etc.), pre(paid, view, etc.), re(discover, do, etc.), sub(title, etc.), tele(vision, etc.), tri(angle, etc.), un(friendly, happy, etc.)

Suffix (age, ed, ied, ful, ly): break(age), cover(age), marr(age), percent(age), post(age), laugh(ed), talk(ed), walk(ed), carr(ied), hurr(ied), stud(ied), worr(ied), cheer(ful), harm(ful), thank(ful), play(ful), brave(ly), kind(ly), lone(ly), love(ly), slow(ly)

Adjectives: active, actual, afraid, ancient, angry, annoyed, annual, attractive, average, bold, boring, brilliant, bushy, certain, childish, clever, comfortable, continuous, courage, coward, creeping, creeping, curly, decorative, delicate, destructive, difficult, disgusted, distant, domestic, elegant, energetic, enormous, entire, expert, fairness, fatal, fierce, foolish, fortunate, funny, funny, gloomy, gradual, gross, harmful, harsh, heavy, heavy, important, impossible, intelligent, interesting, lean, lively, loose, lovely, loyal, magnificent, magnificent, married, merry, mighty, mischievous, nice, opposite, personal, playful, plump, precious, pretty, primary, quick, rare, realistic, responsible, retro, ribbed , sensitive, separate, shiny, silent, silly, slippery, sorry, square, stale, stormy, suitable, suitable, swift, thick, thirsty, thirsty, tired, toothless, unable, unhappy, whole, worried, worst, wrong, young

Adverbs: angrily, beautifully, carefully, cheerfully, completely, correctly, definitely, entirely, extremely, fearfully, happily, heavily, lazily, lifelessly, opposite, perhaps, proudly, silently, smoothly, suddenly, surely, totally

Verbs: absorb, accuse, ache, acquire, admire, admit, adopt, advise, afford, amuse, annoy, appeal, appear, approach, arrange, arrange, attract, avoid, believe, belong, blame, blink, bore, borrow, bother, bounce, burrow, calculate, capture, carve, celebrate, chase, climb, cling, collect, confess, confuse, congratulate, consider, consist, contain, convince, crawl, damage, decay, decide, defend, digest, disappear, discuss, disdain, divide, drive, enable, enlarge, escape, examine, excite, execute, expand, explode, explore, finish, flare, forgive, frighten, frown, frown, frustrate, glide, grasp, guess, happen, happen, harm, haul, hurt, identify, imitate, improve, intend, laugh, launch, leave, listen, locate, lose, mumble, observe, perform, plunder, pounce, predict, prevent, quarrel, raised, recall, receive, rely, require, require, reside, reverse, revive, scatter, scold, scream, scrub, separate, shake, shrink, sleep, smile, spoil, spoil, squat, squeeze, stretch, struggle, struggle, suppose, throw, torture, touch, treat, twist, unite, untie, wander, whisper, wink, wonder, wriggle

Synonyms: accuse-blame, advantage-benefit, alike-same, ancient-old, annoy-irritate, ask-enquire, bliss- ecstasy, buy-purchase, childish-silly, courage- bravery, garbage-trash, gigantic- huge, glitter-shiny, harsh-cruel, interesting-exciting, junk-rubbish, loyal-faithful, perfect-ideal, precious-valuable, quarrel-fight, rich-wealthy, smelly-stinking, tiny-small,

Antonyms: accuse-defend, artificial - natural, attractive - repulsive, bother-calm, broad - narrow, care- neglect, cheap- expensive, confess-deny, dawn-dusk, delicate-hard, flutter-steady, foolish-wise, fresh- stale, funny-boring, glory- shame, interesting-boring, kind-cruel, mighty-delicate, misery-happiness, prevent-allow, save- spend, scold-praise, spend-save, store- discard, tiny-big, upset-joyful,

Compound Words: aeroplane, afternoon, airport, anyway, backbone, backside, backward, blackboard, bookshelf, bookstore, bookstore, bookworm, bookworm, breakfast, campfire, candlestick, cardboard, caveman, daydream, downward, earthquake, everything, eyeball, forearm, forehead, foreword, foreword, freedom, haircut, handmade, handsome, headache, highlight, household, keyboard, keyhole, lifetime, mailbox, mailbox, marigold, moonlight, newspaper, newspaper, outcome, passport, playground, popcorn, railroad, suitcase, sunflower, sunglasses, supermarket, textbook, therefore, toothpaste, underground, uplift, upstairs, upstream, weekend, weekend, whatever

Words with Silent Letters: acquit, autumn, breathe, business, column, communication, debt, doubt, freight, high, honest, hour, knead, knife, knock, know, patient, sigh, sign, stretch, Wednesday, whistle

Double Letter Words: beer, beetle, between, cabbage, cobbler, cooking, crook, cucumber, difference, expression, feed, fellow, freeze, hobby, hood, hooked, indeed, jeep, looked, loose, passenger, pebble, puppet, room, rooster, shallow, sleeve, smooth, street, sweep, tooth, valley, volunteer, wedding, wood, woollen

Plurals: Simply by adding 's' (e.g. pencil-pencils, apple-apples, parrot-parrots, etc.), Adding 'es' to words ending in 'ch' (e.g. batch-batches, church-churches, speech-speeches, etc.), Adding 'es' to words ending in 's', 'ss', 'x' or 'sh' (e.g. bush-bushes, glass-glasses, box-boxes, wish-wishes, etc.), Adding 's' to words ending in 'y' with a vowel before (e.g. turkey-turkeys, chimney-chimneys, etc.), Replacing 'y' with 'ies' for words ending in 'y' with a consonant before (e.g. city-cities, diary-diaries, etc.), Substituting/adding letters (e.g. loaf-loaves, goose-geese, etc.)

Evil Words (Words likely to be spelt incorrectly): adventure, brownie, building, costume, diagram, dramatist, envelope, feather, feature, gardener, gesture, graduate, librarian, magazine, manual, nursery, phrase, rhythm, scout, shepherd, straight, treasure, triumph

Nouns: ability, action, adapt, address, adopt, advantage, advice, ambition, anecdote, anklet, anthem, appearance, appoint, appointment, artist, athlete, attention, attitude, average, bacteria, balloon, banjo, barrier, beauty, belly, blazer, blood, border, brace, brain, bribe, bridge, brief, brush, buckle, burrow, button, cable, canal, candidate, cardigan, category, celebration, challenge, champion, championship, channel, cheek, chill, circus, cleanser, climate, clock, clothing, coast, continent, costume, cottage, crayon, crew, crown, custom, daughter, dawn, device, diagram, diamond, dimple, dinner, disease, distrust, dollar, dose, dreaming, drummer, dusk, electricity, engine, eyelash, failure, fastener, flaw, fleece, gardener, gasp, globe, grace, greasy, grin, habit, health, height, individual, jewel, journey, jury, kitchen, knot, ladder, leather, library, limit, loss, machine, manager, marigold, marsh, memorial, method, milkmaid, misery, moisture, narrative, nation, necktie, negro, noise, nursery, opponent, outfit, palace, pause, peace, pearl, picnic, picture, piece, pottery, predator, process, record, recreation, remark, resident, respect, risk, scratch, signal, solution, spinster, stadium, stairs, statue, straight, straightener, strand, string, suit, sunshine, survey, swiftness, symbol, talent, theory, thrill, tragedy, trait, treasure, trouble, trumpet, ulcer, vision, voice, volunteer, wisdom, witch, wizard, wrinkle, wrist

Miscellaneous: against, almost, hundred, neither, really, somewhere, still, together, until

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words

This section will be based on the above-given word list.

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Classes 1-2. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 4

Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 4

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

Education: academic, alphabet, competition, curriculum, dialogue, discipline, experience, information, instruction, internship, jingle, knowledge, literature, recipient, scholar, scholarship, training, tuition

Science and Technology: amphibian, animation, attraction, axis, biodiversity, biosphere, bookmark, compression, creature, cyberspace, deforestation, eclipse, ecology, ecosystem, environment, epicentre, equator, evolution, firewall, genetics, geology, gravity, interface, laboratory, malware, measure, ocean, planet, processor, radiation, renewable, resistor, resource, robotics, rotation, router, satellite, scientific, server, transpiration

Clothing: blanket, slacks, sweatshirt

Aquatic Life: dugong, grouper, haddock, halibut, herring, prawn, puffin, seagull, seal, waterweed

Occupation: actress, author, blacksmith, businessman, carpenter, coach, electrician, engineer, fisherman, goldsmith, hairdresser, judge, lawyer, mason, mechanic, narrator, peon, plumber, politician, reporter, scientist, sportsman, surgeon, trainer, wrestler

Sports: archery, baseball, challenge, gymnastics, rugby, skateboarding, swimming, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling

Transport and Communication: conveyance, helicopter, motorcycle, roadway, tablet, telephone

Nouns: acceleration, activity, address, agency, agenda, agony, agreement, agriculture, alert, allowance, amount, ancestor, apartment, approach, arena, association, assumption, attitude, attraction, audience, availability, avenue, baggage, bear, beggar, benefit, blunder, building, burrow, camera, canyon, capitol, captivity, century, chamber, chapter, charity, chimney, cigarette, circular, circumstance, column, combustion, community, competition, concern, conflict, content, conversation, cottage, couch, courage, creativity, crumb, cupboard, curiosity, dawn, decision, delight, delivery, design, desire, dinosaur, disaster, discussion, distress, dusk, ease, emphasis, entrance, equator, equipment, evening, executive, explorer, fearlessness, fiction, fleece, focus, fright, frontier, gain, garden, gasoline, generosity, gesture, government, grocery, ground, group, guilt, hardship, host, impact, innocent, janitor, kingdom, kneecap, label, lack, lad, laughter, legislature, leisure, limb, magnetism, maintenance, master, mattress, meadow, menace, minority, mistrust, monster, mountain, necessity, noise, novelist, octopus, orchard, ounce, pesticide, pioneer, pleasure, portion, practice, pride, qualifier, quarter, quest, quietness, quilt, refugee, represent, response, routine, seasoning, shame, shield, slumber, sorrow, source, sow, sow, spirit, squad, storm, surface, terror, threat, tornado, tour, tradition, vacation, variety, venture, visitor, voyage, vulture, weekend, wizard, world

Prefix: auto(close, pilot, etc.), dis(obey, respect, etc.), fore(cast, head, etc.), im(port, possible, etc.), in(ability, definite, etc.), mid(life, way, etc.), mis(behave, fortune, understand, etc.), pre(cast, determine, etc.), re(build, call, discover, etc.), semi(automatic, circle, final, etc.), sub(marine, merge, etc.), un(aware, close, conscious, etc.), uni(directional, lateral, etc.), dis(order, appoint, allow, agree, courage, lodge, belief, continue, honest, respect, etc.) sub(tract, marine, way, etc.), de(generate, fuse, etc.), un(fair, sure, even, known, believable, necessary, less, etc.), tri(cycle, pod, etc.)

Suffix (able, al, ance, ant, ence, est, ful, ial, ion, ish, ize, less, ly, st): agree(able), present(able), reach(able), depend(able), comfort(able), accident(al), origin(al), politic(al), rent(al), natur(al), accept(ance), perform(ance), account(ant), contest(ant), differ(ence), exist(ence), refer(ence), infer(ence), fast(est), high(est), low(est), delight(ful), financ(ial), part(ial), president(ial), prevent(ion), child(ish), general(ize), modern(ize), hope(less), hopeful(ly), natural(ly), pleasant(ly), adamant(ly), bad(ly), simple(st), apart(ment), agree(ment), govern(ment), enjoy(ment), treat(ment), manage(ment), excite(ment), king(dom), free(dom), star(dom), bore(dom), skill(ful), usual(ly), rest(less), worth(less), wit(ness),

Adjectives: accurate, aggressive, airborne, alien, alive, annual, anxious, appropriate, ashamed, asleep, attentive, attentive, attractive, awake, aware, awkward, basic, beautiful, blind, brief, brilliant, capable, carefree, circular, complete, confusing, considerable, consistent, creative, critical, cruel, deliberate, delicious, depressing, description, destructive, disastrous, doubtful, dramatic, eager, educational, efficient, entire, entire, equal, essential, essential, exact, expensive, exterior, extraordinary, flexible, fluent, fragile, frequent, furious, genius, genuine, giant, graceful, greedy, guilty, handsome, harsh, heroic, heroic, horrible, humble, impossible, instant, intelligent, interior, invisible, invisible, inward, mature, melodic, modest, noble, outstanding, parallel, patient, peculiar, peculiar, plentiful, pointless, polite, precious, queer, recent, scary, secure, several, severe, shabby, shabby, shallow, solitary, spare, strange, sturdy, terrible, tidy, timid, tragic, typical, useful, usual, vacant, vast, visible

Adverbs: absolutely, accurately, adoringly, awkwardly, beneath, brutally, certainly, frequently, never, positively, previously, quickly, rapidly, urgently, warmly, wishfully

Verbs: accelerate, accept, accomplish, accuse, accuse, adapt, adopt, afford, agree, announce, announce, appreciate, argue, arrest, ascend, assign, assist, associate, attempt, believe, blame, blend, blossom, breathe, buckle, calculate, cancel, chatter, cheer, chirp, collapse, combat, communicate, communicate, comprehend, concentrate, concern, conclude, confuse, congratulate, congratulate, consider, continue, contribute, convince, create, debate, decide, defy, deliver, demonstrate, descend, develop, disclose, discuss, distract, elope, emerge, entertain, envy, estimate, exclaim, exist, expect, frighten, fumble, gasp, gather, gaze, gleam, graze, grind, guess, hail, increase, indicate, inspire, irritate, manufacture, mock, negotiate, obey, observe, permit, plead, pour, practise, preach, predict, prefer, prepare, proceed, quarrel, recommend, rectify, reduce, release, remind, represent, request, rescue, resist, retreat, reveal, scroll, search, shatter, sneeze, spread, squabble , squeeze, starve, strive, suppose, surf, surprise, survive, swallow, tickle, twirl, twitch , understand, urge, verify, whisper, whistle, withdraw

Synonyms: ability-capacity, bliss- pleasure, cease-stop, firm-strong, freedom- liberty, gather-collect, giggle-laugh, hermit- recluse, honest-faithful, horrible-terrible, interesting-exciting, mistake-error, opportunity-chance, plenty-abundance, reject-deny, reward-prize, round-circular, sincere-honest, stable-fixed, unfortunate-unlucky, wonderful-amazing, wrong-incorrect

Antonyms: bitter-sweet, decline-accept, defend-harm, definite-indefinite, domestic- wild, exterior-interior, fail-succeed, forever-never, fortunate-unfortunate, gloomy-cheerful, greedy-charitable, healthy-diseased, intentional-accidental, merry-serious, patient-agitated, polite-rude, present- absent, punishment- reward, relax-stress, strange-familiar, triumph-fail, ugly-beautiful

Compound Words: automobile, beehive, beehive, birthday, blackmail, bodyguard, bookcase, bookworm, brainstorm, briefcase, briefcase, childbirth, copyright, crossword, earthquake, farmhouse, farmyard, father-in-law, fingerprint, forecast, french fry, full moon, hallway, hardware, hillside, ice cream, meanwhile, moonlight, newscast, notebook, railroad, raincoat, thunderstorm, toothpaste, video game, waistcoat, wheelchair, wonderland

Words with Silent Letters: ballet, bridge, champagne, colleague, column, edge, foreign, grudge, guard, heir, island, knit, knot, length, neighbour, often, receipt, strength, though, tongue, wrist

Double Letter Words: across, button, clatter, gossip, hurry, illicit, lagoon, loot, mammal, messy, offend, possible, programme, saddle, seepage, spree, summary, syllabus, tariff

Masculine and Feminine: bachelor-maid, bridegroom-bride, dog-bitch, drake-duck, drone-bee, duke-duchess, emperor-empress, heir-heiress, hero-heroine, horse-mare, host-hostess, master-mistress, nephew-niece, poet-poetess, policeman-policewoman, priest-priestess, widower-widow, wizard-witch

Evil Words (Words likely to be spelt incorrectly): accommodation, address, admittance, ancestor, anxiety, aquarium, bachelor, beginning, committee, computer, disappoint, necessary, plentiful, safety, trespass

Miscellaneous: afterwards, altogether, commonly, degree, instead

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words

This section will be based on the above-given word list.

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Classes 1-3. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 5

Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 5

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

STEM Words: appliance, astronomy, atmosphere, broadcasting, canyon, celestial, communication, cosmic, cosmogony, cosmography, crust, degradation, density, electricity, equipment, erosion, extinct, gadget, galaxy, glacier, gravitation, joystick, landmass, livelihood, loam, magma, membrane, microscope, organism, oxygen, revolution, species, toxic, visual, wildlife

Household Items: bedding, blanket, blender, blower, bookcase, ceiling, conditioner, dryer, geyser, mattress, microwave, refrigerator, utensil

Agriculture: agronomy, biofuel, breeding, cereal, decomposition, domestication, drought, fertilizer, gardening, harvest, insecticide, peasant, plantation, poultry, textile

Government Affairs: account, allegiance, article, balance, ballot, budget, cabinet, census, chronicle, chronology, constitution, coordination, court, executive, freedom, judiciary, legislative, liberty, parliament, president, procedure, resemble, strategy

Occupation: accountant, architect, assistant astronomer, beautician, carpenter, chauffeur, engineer, hairdresser, historian, journalist, magician, musician

Words from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: appetite, bouquet, brace, catalogue, complicate, considerate, disappoint, dismantle, embarrass, extinguisher, journal, popularity, ridiculous, scramble, scratch, worthless

Prefix: anti(biotic, dote, etc.) de(escalate, frost, value, etc.) il(legal, logical, etc.), im(possible, etc.), ir(responsible, etc.), mono(chrome, tone, etc.), pre(determine, fix, etc.), re(affirm, discover, turn, etc.), semi(circle, final, etc.), super(star, etc.), trans(port, etc.), tri(cycle, etc.), dis(allow, agree, appear, appoint, connect, comfort, cord, count, cover, lodge, locate, trust, etc.), in(fection, terim, vention, etc.) im(perfect), un(wrap, broken, tangle, etc.)

Suffix (able, age, al, ant, ate, cy, en, ful, ian, ic, ion): accept(able), prevent(able), pilgrim(age), wreck(age), nature(al), vigil(ant), affection(ate), accurate(cy), candidate(cy), strength(en), wonder(ful), library(ian), magic(ian), alcohol(ic), workahol(ic), create(ion), narrate(ion), care(fully), thought(ful), prob(ably), enjoy(ment), advertise(ment), assess(ment), assign(ment), assist(ant), adapta(tion), valid(ity), conspire(acy), adequ(acy), fall(acy), deni(al), remedy(al), tri(al), enorm(ity), abnormal(lity), accountabi(lity), extreme(ity), companion(ship)

Adjectives: abandoned, abnormal, absolute, academic, adjacent, adoring, aggressive, aggressive, ambitious, analytical, ancient, annual, apparent, apparent, apprehensive, appropriate, approximate, approximate, artistic, ashamed, assertive, athletic, attractive, available, baggy, bankrupt, bare, bashful, benevolent, bereft, biodegradable, blissful, boisterous, bountiful, bridal, brilliant , brilliant, brisk, caring, cautious, challenging, clumsy, collateral, comfortable, commercial, compassionate, compatible, competitive, comprehensive, comprehensive, compulsive, compulsory, confident, conservative, conservative, consistent, constant, contagious, contemporary, continent, contrary, controversial, convenient, corporate, cosmic, courageous, courteous, crucial, curious, cynical, dazzling, decisive, defiant, delicate, delighted, desperate, desperate, devastated, devout , different, diffident, digital, disastrous, disposable, disposable, disposable, distinct, distinctive, divorced, dizzy, dominant, domineering, drained, dreadful, drowsy, eager, eligible, elite, embarrassed, emotional, endangered, entangled, equivalent, essential, ethnic, exact, excellent, excellent, excitable , excited, extinct, faithful, familiar, famished, faulty, feeble, ferocious, fiscal, frightened, frightening, frigid, frozen, frustrated, furious, gaudy, generous, generous, genuine , gigantic, gigantic, gleeful, grateful, grateful, gregarious, gullible, hazy, hearty, herbal, hilarious, horrifying, immense, impatient, imperative, impressive, inappropriate, incredible, incredible, independent, industrious, intricate, intrinsic, laxative, loyal, medicinal, mediocre, miniature, mournful, necessary, negligent, noble, nonchalant, numerous, obsolete, opaque, original, passionate, portable, primitive, primitive, profane, progressive, prosperous, radical, rare, realistic, reliable, remarkable, remedial, respective, return, satisfactory, savage, scared, secondary, senseless, severe, shrewd, slender, slippery, societal, sole, solitary, solitary, southern, speechless, squalid, stern, sustainable, technical, thrifty, tolerable, transparent, uneasy, unique, virtual, visual, voluntary, wealthy, weird

Adverbs: adoringly, awkwardly, clumsily, competitively, decisively, easily, everywhere, normally, really, regularly, repeatedly, sometimes, terribly, timidly, usually

Nouns: accent, accommodation, administration, admission, admittance, advertisement, alliance, allusion, ambulance, amity, amusement, analyst, ancestor, anger, annoyance, antithesis, appearance, architecture, argument, assertion, assessment, assignment, assumption, atmosphere, attendance, attorney, aural, avalanche, avenue, bacterium, badge, banger, banquet, blizzard, blockade, blunder, boyhood, bracelet, bribery, bridle, bristle, broccoli, brochure, bruise, bureau, butcher, campaign, candidate, capitalist, captain, career, castle, casualty, cathedral, celebration, celery, century, ceremony, chamber, chancellor, character, charity, charity, chemical, claim, clarity, closure, cluster, colleague, colleague, collision, comfort, community, companion, comparison, competition, competitor, completion, complexity, component, compost, compressor, compulsion, comrade, concept, concern, conference, conference, confession, confession, conflict, conjunction, conscience, constitution, contempt, contentment, contentment, convention, corridor, courage, courtesy, criterion, criterion, cultivation, curfew, curiosity, dearth, decade, dedication, default, defendant, deficient, definition, delegate, delusion, democracy, depression, description, dessert, destination, device, diagram, dietician, difference, digestion, diploma, diplomat, disappointment, disaster, disciple, discipline, discord, discrepancy, disposition, divorce, documentary, droplet, drowning , eagerness, economist, ecstasy, efficacy, embarrassment, emergency, emptiness, enjoyment, enthusiasm, envy, equation, eruption, eruption, exception, excitement, exclamation, existence, expedition, experiment, explanation, faculty, fascination, flora, fraternity, freak, frustration, fundraiser, generation, glare, gratitude, guarantee, guardian, guilt, habitat, havoc, hospitality, hostility, humidity, humility, hurricane, illustration, immigrant, inclusion, inheritance, institution, intelligence, intermission, inventor, island, isolation, journey, language, laughter, lavender, league, length, lightning, literacy, literature, livestock, mammal, marathon, melody, menace, merriment, message, military, minority, mischief, misery, monarch, museum, myth, necessity, numeral, occasion, orphan, pamphlet, panel, panic, parade, paradise, parallel, pasture, patent, paternity, pathogen, pathology, pauper, pause, period, permit, personification, phobia, pleasure, porridge, portrait, possibility, poverty, premium, president, priority, projection, protection, psychologist, purification, puzzle, queue, quotation, recipient, reference , reign, rejoice, relevance, relief, retailer, retention, revolt, routine, satire, scenery, schedule, scheme, scissors, sentiment, sentiment, separation, shelter, sheriff, solitary, sovereign, specialist, statistics, stomach, strategy, substitute, suspicion, sweater, tendency, territory, tornado, trail, trailer, traitor, traitor, utility, vaccine, variant, violence, weight, worship

Verbs: abandon, abdicate, abhor, accelerate, accustom, acknowledge, acquit, advertise, affirm, amass, amend, approach, assemble, astound, bathe, batter, begrudge, behold, belittle, besiege, blaze, blister, blossom, bother, brighten, capture, cherish, chew, collapse, combat, concede, commute, compete, compress, conceal, concentrate, conclude, concoct, condone, contaminate, contribute, convince, criticize, debug, decline, dedicate, deduct, defuse, delight, demolish, demonstrate, descend, detain, devastate, dictate, diffuse, digest, distinguish, distrust, diverge, emerge, enact, encourage, ensure, entitle, escalate, evade, evaluate, exasperate, exhibit explode, express, flourish, forward, foster, glitter, grasp, grizzle, hinder, illuminate, illuminate, include, intrigue, invigilate, lodge, mandate, migrate, navigate, possess, predict, preserve, prohibit, provoke, purchase, quarrel, reassure, receive, recognize, rehearse, reproach, repudiate, respond, restrict, revive, separate, shiver, sparkle, sponsor, squeeze, stare, strengthen, suffocate, surround, sympathize, transfix, wander, whisper

Synonyms: aberrant- deviating, admit-confess, affable- cordial, alike-same, artisan-craftsman, barren-infertile, blunder-mistake, bruise-injury, callous- insensitive, coarse-rough, congenial- sociable, continue-progress, create-invent, credulous-gullible, crumble-collapse, deceive- bluff, delicious-tasty, depart-leave, elegant-graceful, fascinate-attract, fierce-violent, grumpy-irritable, humble-respectful, insight-perception, judicious- cautious, lethargy- idleness, mirth-happiness, obedient-respectful, religious-spiritual, significance-importance, thrill-excitement

Antonyms: abandon- possess, artificial-natural, ascend-descend, attractive-repulsive, beautiful-ugly, bitter-sweet, bravery-cowardice, brazen- modest, brighten-fade, broad-narrow, bully-boost, clumsy-graceful, command-assist, copious- sparse, cruel-compassionate, diabolic-angelic, frighten-comfort, hinder-allow, imperious- humble, innocence- culpability, miserable- jolly, plump-skinny, plunder-protect, protest-agree, regard-ignore, respect- despise, studious-lethargic, tempt-discourage, tremble-calm

Proverbs: A bad workman always blames his tools, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, Actions speak louder than words, Adversity and loss make a man wise, All that glitters is not gold, An empty vessel makes much noise, An idle brain is the devil’s workshop, Cleanliness is next to Godliness, Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, Early bird catches the worm, Every cloud has a silver lining, Every man is the architect of his destiny, Fortune favours the brave, Good things come to those who wait, Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, Necessity is the mother of invention, The pen is mightier than the sword, There is no time like the present, To gain something you have to lose something

Idioms: a dime a dozen, a penny saved is a penny earned, a piece of cake, an eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth, barking up the wrong tree, between the devil and the deep blue sea, bite off more than you can chew, blow your own trumpet, burn the candle at both ends, eat like a horse, give someone the benefit of the doubt, head in the clouds, in the same breath, keep someone at arm’s length, left out in the cold, once in a blue moon, pay someone back in his/her own coin, see eye to eye, sell like hot cakes, small cog in a large wheel, take away your breath

Compound Words: armchair, babysitter, babysitter, backfield, background, backhand, backstage, backtrack, backward, backyard, barefoot, basketball blackmail, blueberry, bookbinder, bookkeeper, bootstrap, brainstorm, brainstorm, campfire, candlestick, caretaker, caveman, chairperson, championship, cornmeal, countdown, countdown, counterpart, counterpart, countryside, courtyard, courtyard, crossover, daredevil, dashboard, daytime, dishwasher, downstairs, eardrum, fingernail, flowerpot, guard lighthouse, meanwhile, pancake, popcorn, rail, roommate, roundabout, skateboard, somewhere, spokesperson, successful, suitcase, therefore, underdog, understood

Homonyms & Homophones: accept-except, addition-edition, allowed-aloud, ate-eight, bale-bail, band-bend, break-brake, ceiling-sealing, cellar-seller, cell-sell, cite-site, dear-deer, die-dye, dual-duel, fair-fare, new-knew

Words with Silent Letters: align, ascend, assign, autumn, badge, campaign, Christmas, crescent, cupboard, design, edge, foreign, hustle, kneel, knob, psychology, resign, wreck, wrinkle

Double Letter Words: annul, append, baggage, broom, deed, errand, esteem, heed, hull, immune, juggle, luggage, rugged, savvy

Evil Words (Words likely to be spelt incorrectly): achievement, catastrophe, compassion, description, etiquette, guardian, isthmus, mischief, mosquito, orchestra, repetition, restaurant, sanctuary, trumpet, variety

Miscellaneous: angrily, arguably, backward, beneath, except, occasionally, perhaps, quietly specifically, steadily

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words.

This section will be based on the above-given word list.

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Classes 1-4. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 6

Level 1: For Level 1, about 80% of questions will come from the word list below.
Level 2: If you reach Level 2, then we believe that you are really good with your spellings. Hence, we are not providing any word list for the Level 2 exam. We would love to see you compete with your peers across India and abroad, and give a brilliant performance.

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 6

Variety of questions based on the following word list. Different format of questions are available here.

STEM Words: agrarian, apiculture, artery, bone, cartilage, conservation, conversation, cowshed, cultivation, cultivator, deforestation, equipment, exploitation, farmland, femur, ferry, fishery, freight, funnel, galaxy, gland, haulage, horticulture, husbandry, immunology, intestine, irrigation, kidney, ligament, liver, livestock, logistics, malnutrition, manure, measure, meteorology, nerve, observatory, pancreas, pasture, peninsula, pesticide, petroleum, pipette, plateau, plough, pollution, portable, preservation, printer, sandpaper, scanner, seismology, shipment, shuttle, skeleton, skull, spleen, stylus, telecommunication, tissue, vertebrate

Professionals/Doctors: anaesthesiologist, cardiologist, collector, dermatologist, gynaecologist, mathematician, nephrologist, neurologist, obstetrician, oncologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, pastor, paediatrician, pharmacist, professor, psychiatrist, radiologist, receptionist, veterinarian, waitress

Government and Economy: amendment, census, citizenship, debt, defence, demonstration, document, election, electorate, executive, government, representative, troupe

Education: guidance, literacy, pedagogy, progress, schooling, vocabulary, vocation

Words from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: blubber, campaign, demonstrate, extinguisher, gimmick, Halloween, intelligence, legitimate, neighbourhood, pretzel, sarcastic, treasurer, underneath

Prefix: ante(date, etc.), de(motivate, etc.), dis(integrate, etc.), epi(dermis, etc.), fore(word, etc.), hyper(active, etc.), im(patient, etc.), main(land, etc.), mis(interpret, etc.), omni(potent, etc.), para(dox, etc.), re(unite, etc.), semi(conscious, etc.), sub(merge, etc.), thermo(meter, etc.), under(graduate, etc.), up(bringing, etc.), un(desirable, abashed, abated, abridged, principled, etc.) re(former, try, etc.) in(sufficient, ability, accuracy, activity, action, etc.), dis(abuse, ablement, junction, honest, etc.)

Suffix (acy, al, ary, gamy, hood, ial, ist, ment, ship): fall(acy), accident(al), fiction(al), region(al), second(ary), poly(gamy), child(hood), mother(hood), editor(ial), hero(ism), art(ist), accomplish(ment), refine(ment), scholar(ship), grate(ful), dread(ful), appear(ance), perform(ance), national(ity), acknowledge(ment), express(ion), remark(able), achieve(ment), endur(ance), amuse(ment), arrange(ment), annoy(ance), regret(fully), regrett(able), regret(ful), access(ible), transfer(able), impression(able), accept(able), friendli(ness), friendless, friend(ly), require(ment)

Adjectives: abundant, acceptable, acceptance, accessible, accompany , advantageous, adventurous, aggressive, agricultural, amiable, ample, ancient, anonymous, antique, anxious, apparent, apparent, arid, arrogant, barren, bemused, beneficial, biodegradable, biological, bizarre, boisterous, burning, burnt , cautious, challenging, changeable, chronological, civic, classic, climactic , clumsy, comfortable, commercial, compact, competent, complicated, concise, conspicuous, constant, contagious, contemporary, continuous, convenient, cordial, courageous, courteous , crowded, cumulative, cunning, curious, dangerous, defiant, delicious, dense, desperate, desperate, diligent, dimension, disastrous, distinct, distinguished, drastic, educative, eerie, efficient, embarrassing, enthusiastic, equivalent, ethical, ethnic, ethnic, excellent, extinct, extraordinary, extraordinary, fabulous, faithful, federal, federal, feeble, feminine, fierce, flamboyant, floral, forbidden, fundamental, further, futile, gaseous, generous, glamorous, handsome, haughty, hazardous, hilarious, hoarse, horrible, hostile, imaginative, immanent, immediate, immense, imminent, indecisive, indulgent, inept, inevitable, ingenious, innocent, interim, interior, jealous, jovial, languid, legislative, lethal, literal, massive, maximum, meagre, mediocre, mere, mischievous, miserable, monotonous, naturalistic, nervous, nimble , noisy, numerous, obstinate, onward, operational, optimistic, partial, popular, powerful, precious, precise, preferable, preliminary, primitive, proclaim, professional, prominent, puny, recyclable, redundant, reluctant, remote, resolute, rhythmic, rigorous, rural, rustic, sanitary, satisfactory, scientific, significant, solar, spacious, splendid, squeaky, squeaky, stationary, studious, stylish, subsequent, superior, suspicious, swollen, systematic, tangible, treacherous, unanimous, unbelievable, undernourished, unique, unique, unitary, unruly, unsuccessful, unsustainable, urban, vague, vibrant, vital

Adverbs: accidentally, alternatively, consequently, desperately, especially, immediately, internally, obviously, scarcely, separately, sincerely

Nouns: abortion, abroad, access, acknowledgement, acquaintance, admiration, adolescent, adventure, advertising, advocate, aggravation, agony, alimony, allegiance, allergy, alliance, alternative, ambition, amendment, anecdote, anguish, anguish, anxiety, apparel, appliance, aquifer, arena, aristocracy, assent, assumption, attorney, audience, authority, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, bard, bartender, beacon, bibliography, biodiversity, bough, boulevard, breath, butcher, capability, capacity, caravan, caution, ceiling, cemetery, ceremony, chamber, choir, chunk, citation, clarification, clarity, climate, coalition, commander, commentary, commerce, commoner, component, composure, concentration, conclusion, confectioner, conflict, consensus, consent, consequence, conservationist, contentment , context, controversy, convenience, convention, convoy, correspondent, couplet, coupon, crisis, defendant, deluge, descendant, despair, dialogue, discretion, discrimination, disgust, dissent, distinction, diversity, dynasty, echo , edition, effectiveness, elegy, elevator, emergency, emigration, enterprise, environmentalist, equipment, esteem, ethics, excess, excuse, executive, existence, expanse, expedition , experience, exploration, explosion, exposure, extinction, fantasy, faucet, fence, freckle, genre, gesture, glimpse, governor, gratitude, grief, guilty, habitat, hairdryer, hangar, harmony, headache, hive, hoax, hygiene, hyphen, illusion, independence, influence, ingenious, ingredient, injury, innovation, intermission, investigation, invitation, judiciary, kennel, kiosk, knack, league, leeway, legislation, leisure, liberty, likeness, locality , longevity, majority, manor, marriage, mechanic, migration, mileage, millionaire, miniature, minute, misery , missile, morale, museum, myth, nobility, nursery , obstacle, omniscient, onset, optimism, orchestra, paragraph, parody, patient, peak, pedestrian, penalty, phantom, pharmacist, poverty, predicament, preface, prejudice, pressure, priority, psychology, quest, questionnaire, refuge, remorse, requirement, rogue , sailor, salvage, sanctuary, sapling, siege, significance, situation, souvenir, specification, spree, subordinate, superintendent, surface, swarm, sword, tannery, teaspoon, terrain, thorn, trait, trophy, variety, vault, vegetable, verdict, verdict, verge, villain, violence, volley, vow, wrinkle

Verbs: abandon, abstain, accommodate, accommodate, accomplish, accumulate, acknowledge, acquire, adapt, adhere, adjourn, afford, anticipate, anticipate, appeal, appoint, ascend, attribute, blemish, boycott, breathe, capture, cheapen, collaborate, collapse, collide, commend, compose, compromise , concede, conquer, conserve, contaminate, crackle, cringe, crouch, cultivate, deceive, demonstrate, deplete, deposit, designate, deteriorate, diminish, disassemble, dissemble, dissolve, distinguish, dominate, dwell, elaborate, elude, embitter, embolden, engrave, enhance, envy, escape, evaporate, evolve, exaggerate, exaggerate, excel, excel, exhibit, exhort, exploit, express, falter, faze , finance, flaunt, gaze, grimace, guarantee, hammer, harness, ignite, immigrate, improvise, interrogate, interrupt, intimidate, liberate, license, linger, loathe, lure, manipulate, marvel, mesmerise, mimic, misbehave, mumble, neglect, negotiate, originate, perceive , permeate, persecute, persuade, persuade, plummet, plunder, possess, predict, propel, prosecute, prosper, provoke, pursue, quiver, quote, recount, reinforce, respite, restrain, retaliate, retrieve, shudder, snore, soothe, sprinkle, sprout, squawk, straggle, strive, struggle, supplement, terminate, transform, transform, transport, vacate, vaccinate, vacillate, vanquish, wreathe, wrestle, yarn, yield

Synonyms: abstinence- sobriety, affinity- accord, bewilder-perplex, conscious-aware, dilapidated- shabby, disciple-follower, embellish-decorate, evoke- stimulate, fatigue-tiredness, gratitude-thankful, hilarious- hysterical, humility-humble, persuade-convince, scatter-disperse, unlucky-unfortunate

Antonyms: admonish- acclaim, afflict-please, applaud-blame, bliss- agony, compulsory-voluntary, courage-cowardice, courteous-discourteous, desperate- hopeful, desultory- methodical, embarrass-delight, generous-stingy, impervious- penetrable, important-trivial, servile-dominant

Proverbs: A bad excuse is better than none at all, A drowning man will clutch at a straw, A fool may earn money, but it takes a wise man to spend it, A friend’s frown is better than a fool’s smile, A man in debt is caught in a net, A rolling stone gathers no moss, A wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Appearances can be deceptive, Barking dogs seldom bite, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Better to be poor and healthy rather than rich and sick, Cowards die many times before their death, Discretion is the better part of valour, Don’t place all your eggs in one basket, Familiarity breeds contempt, Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

Idioms: a blessing in disguise, a flash in the pan, birds of a feather flock together, caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, don't cry over spilt milk, drag one’s feet, face the music, get a taste of your own medicine, go against the grain, hand in glove, hold your horses, move heaven and earth, play devil's advocate, the devil is in the details, the elephant in the room, there's no such thing as a free lunch, turn a deaf ear, when pigs fly

Compound Words: adjustable, backspace, bulkhead, changeable, comfortable, considerable, disagreement, farmhouse, farmyard, fashionable, framework, full moon, gallstone, gearshift, handcuff, headquarters, honeycomb, honourable, keystroke, moreover, noticeable, omnipotent, pay check, quarrelsome, serviceable, shortbread, sundown, sunstroke, superego, tailcoat, turnkey, unbelievable, undercharge, undercover, upmarket, upstream, warfare, warlike, washboard, widespread

Homonyms & Homophones: alter-altar, compliment- complement, course-coarse, elicit-illicit, eminent-imminent, flower-flour, grown-groan, hoarse-horse, loan-lone, match-match, meddle-medal, meet-meat, pale-pail, peace-piece, principle-principal, weak-week

Words with Silent Letters: apostle, circuit, colonel, consign, diaphragm, feign, gnaw, hedge, hymn, knuckle, pneumonia, raspberry, wrestle, yolk

Double Letter Words: allegiance, applaud, battalion, battalion, brilliant, dissolve, illusion, illustration, obsession, occasion, occult, seer, skiing, strolling, summit, unforgettable, upkeep, webbed

Evil Words (Words likely to be spelt incorrectly): gaggle, obstacle, optimism, precipitation, renaissance, scrubber, shoal

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words.

This section will be based on the above-given word list.

Note: The syllabus will also include Word List from Classes 1-5. Upto 20% of the questions may have words outside of the above list. For any improvements or suggestions, do write to us at

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 7

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 7

All the words for Level 1 and Level 2 will be from High School English Grammar and Composition from Wren and Martin book.

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words.

This section will be based on the words from High School English Grammar and Composition from Wren and Martin.

Spell Bee Competition Syllabus for Class 8

Section 1: Spell Bee Competition Words for Class 8

All the words for Level 1 and Level 2 will be from High School English Grammar and Composition from Wren and Martin book.

Section 2

It's a Rapid Fire section wherein students would be required to listen to audio and write the spellings of the words.

This section will be based on the words from High School English Grammar and Composition from Wren and Martin.