CREST Mental Maths Olympiad Class 8 Sample Paper

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Number system
Square and square roots
Cube and cube roots
Comparing quantities
Playing with Numbers
Data Handling and Symmetry

For more detailed syllabus and reading material, proceed to Class 8 Mental Maths Olympiad Syllabus & Preparation Material page.

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Students can practise and prepare for the CREST Mental Maths Olympiad (CMMO) by utilising the above Mental Maths sample paper for class 8. The pdf is free to download & answer key to the questions is also provided.

The following are the advantages of solving Mental Maths competition sample papers for class 8 before taking the exam:

  1. The most significant advantage is that it allows students to become acquainted with the exam format & the types of questions that may appear in the final exam.
  2. These help students identify important topics and concepts that need more attention.
  3. Students can improve their time management for answering questions by practising class 8 Mental Maths competition sample papers on a routine basis.
  4. Students can monitor their progress and work on improving their weaknesses by practising the sample questions on a regular basis.

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