International Green Warrior Olympiad Class 1 Sample Paper

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Clean Water and Sanitation

  1. Introduction to clean water: What is water? importance of clean water, basic hygiene practices related to water
  2. Water sources: Where does our water come from? different sources of water (e.g., rivers, lakes, taps), protecting water sources
  3. Water pollution: What is pollution?, introduction to water pollution, simple examples of pollutants (e.g., trash, dirt), importance of not polluting water sources
  4. Keeping water clean: Ways to clean water, avoiding littering near water sources, basic rules for using water responsibly
  5. Waterborne diseases: What are waterborne diseases? basic understanding of illnesses related to dirty water, importance of clean water for health
  6. Clean water at home: Ways to get clean water at home, role of water filters and purification, hygiene practices when using water at home

Affordable and Clean Energy

  1. Simple ways to save energy at home (e.g., turning off lights when not needed)
  2. Activities to practice energy conservation
  3. How clean energy is good for the environment

Sustainable Cities and Communities

  1. Clean and safe parks: Visiting a local park, picking up trash in the park, playing outdoor games in the park, planting tress
  2. Community helpers: Learning about people who help keep the city clean (e.g., garbage collectors, gardeners)
  3. Sustainable transportation: Introduction to electric vehicles, public transportation and its benefits, reducing carbon emissions through transportation choices

Responsible Consumption and Production

  1. Importance of not wasting things, the concept of reuse by sharing toys with others
  2. Importance of not wasting food
  3. Alternatives to plastic, like using reusable bags
  4. Introduction of ""3 Rs"" - reduce, reuse, recycle with simple examples

Climate Action

  1. Basic understanding of seasons
  2. Air: Air pollution, sources of air pollution, effects of air pollution, ways to reduce air pollution
  3. Importance of breathing clean air
  4. How human activities can affect the climate
  5. The impact of climate change on the environment (e.g., melting ice, rising sea levels, extreme weather)
  6. Why trees are important for the environment
  7. Planting a tree or caring for a small garden
  8. How clean energy helps combat climate change

Life Below Water

  1. Need to protect marine animals from harm (e.g., pollution, overfishing)
  2. Ocean conservation: Understanding why we need to protect the oceans, avoid littering at the beach
  3. Exploring ocean life: Introduction to underwater creatures

Life On Land

  1. Protecting trees and plants
  2. How animals and plants are essential for the environment and humans
  3. Conservation of Animals and plants habitats
  4. Importance of taking care of land

Food Security and Agriculture

  1. Introduction to the concept of food: Basic food groups (e.g., fruits, vegetables, grains), identifying common foods
  2. Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods
  3. Sharing food: Why it's important to share food with others

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