Olympiad exams in Indonesia

What are Olympiad exams?

Olympiad exams are competitive exams that are conducted at national and international level by various organizations every year in which students participate to test skills in various subjects and showcase their talent. Generally, these exams are conducted in online mode. These exams not only help students to take their knowledge to the next level but also help them to improve performance in academics too. Questions put up in the Olympiad exams conducted in Indonesia test students on different dimensions like innovative approach, creativity, imagination, understanding of concepts, logical ability, analytical skills, etc. The students of Indonesia get exposure to the competitive world that exists by participating in International Olympiad exams that are organized for different grades.

About CREST Olympiads

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Olympiad Exams in Indonesia

There are many Olympiad exams that are organized by various organizations for students of grades 1-12. You can find all the details of all these exams below:

Note: Olympiad exam registration generally takes place through school. But few exams accept individual registrations also.


  • Indonesia National Science Olympiad

This competition consists of some competitions for elementary school (SD) students, junior high school (SMP) students, and senior high school (SMA) students. The competition pits students from the thirty-four provinces of Indonesia, and winners of the competition are further selected to represent Indonesia in their respective subjects' International Science Olympiad.

Nigerian National Biology Olympiad aims to improve biological skills, inspire and empower the next generation of leaders in the life sciences.

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  • Indonesia Mathematical Olympiad

The Indonesia Mathematical Olympiad (also known as the Olimpiade Sains Nasional) is the last of a series of three tests in Indonesia. This test is used in the selection process for Indonesia’s IMO team. It is also part of the Indonesia National Science Olympiad, and has been running since 2002. The Indonesia MO has a total of eight problems to be solved over two days. Each day has 240 minutes (4 hours) to solve four problems, and each problem is worth 7 points.

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