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  • A House

    A house is a type of building where people live.

    A home is where people and families live together. It's a cozy place where we feel happy and safe.

    House - CREST Olympiads

    Houses come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, depending on the location and culture.

    They can be made of different materials, such as wood, brick, concrete or a combination of these.

    Qualities of a Good House

    a) It is a place that is supposed to deny entrance to such things as bad weather, burglars, and accidents, by having strong walls, a good roof, and tight doors and windows put in place.
    b) A house is a comfortable place in which one can live, insulated properly to be kept warm in winter and cool in summer.
    c) A good house has enough storage space to keep things organised.
    d) A good house lets in plenty of natural light and air.
    e) A good house is located in a convenient and safe area.
    f) A good house is well-maintained and in good condition. It should be regularly cleaned and repaired.

    Different Rooms in a House

    A good house is made to work well. It has rooms that are planned out nicely, so it's easy to live in.

    Each room has its own job to make your life comfy and fun.

    Here are some different rooms in a house and what they're for:

    Bedroom: The bedroom is a room where we sleep and take rest.

    Bathroom: This is a place to set aside for personal cleanliness, like shaving, bathing, and cleaning teeth etc.

    Kitchen: The kitchen is where delicious food is prepared. It has a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink.

    Living Room: This is a room where probably everyone would just gather in and laze around in; this implies maximum comfort. Settees, a television set, and a coffee table are arranged in this room.

    Dining Room: The place where the bush family eats its main food. It has a table with chairs, where one can sit and eat food.

    Different rooms in a house - CREST Olympiads

    Types of Houses

    There are different types of houses that we live in. They can be broadly divided into two different groups:

    Permanent House

    a) A permanent house is a home that is constructed to last for a long time.
    b) It is a place where people stay for years and years.
    c) Permanent homes are strong and built to resist all weather conditions.
    d) They are built with materials such as bricks, wood, or concrete.
    e) Examples of permanent houses include, townhouses and apartments etc.

    Permanent Houses - CREST Olympiads

    Temporary House

    a) It is a home where people live for a shorter period of time.
    b) It wasn't designed to last as long as a permanent home.
    c) These are the kind of homes mainly put in use when one has to live at a place for direction or on holiday, camping, and in a few urgent cases.
    d) Examples of temporary houses are tents, caravans and temporary shelters.

    Temporary Houses - CREST Olympiads

    Special/ Unique houses

    Special houses can refer to homes that are designed or built with specific features or purposes in mind. Here are a few examples of special houses:


    An igloo is a house made of ice and snow. It looks like a big dome or a round shape. People who live in very cold places, like the Arctic, make igloos to stay warm.

    Igloo House - CREST Olympiads

    Stilt House

    A stilt house is a house that is built on tall poles or stilts. Stilt houses are often found in places where the ground is uneven or near water, like on islands or in flood-prone areas.

    Building the house on stilts helps protect the house from floods or high tides.

    Stilt House - CREST Olympiads


    A houseboat is a house that floats on water, like a floating home. It's like having a house and a boat combined.

    People live in houseboats on rivers, lakes or even on the sea. They have bedrooms, kitchens and all the things you need just like a regular house, but they can move on the water.

    Houseboat - CREST Olympiads

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