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Section 1: Animals, Human Body and Health, Plants, Natural Resources, Pollution and Calamities, Earth and Universe, Matter, Force, Work and Energy.

Achievers Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section 1

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State which of the following statements are TRUE:

1. Boiling of a liquid occurs at one temperature only, while evaporation may occur at different temperatures.
2. Gases consist of particles that are packed close together.
3. Statues are solid. They are made up of solid materials.


Read the following statement carefully and identify X correctly:

X is the conversion of solid into gas without changing into liquid.


Which of the following statements is/are correct?
1. A force can change the shape and volume of an object.
2. A force can be seen but the effect of the force cannot be felt.
3. The gravitational force always causes repulsion.
4. When a force is exerted on a stationary object, it can move.


Unscramble the words to find the name of the type of simple machine that is made with a rope or chain wrapped around a wheel as shown in the picture below:


Consider the statements given below:

1. Reusing materials after they have been changed into another form is called reusing.
2. Glass items are non-biodegradable wastes.
3. Wet waste such as fruit and vegetable waste, used coffee powder and tea leaves, flowers, eggshells and so on, can be composted and converted into manure.
4. Machines that are used to burn hospital waste at low temperatures are called incinerators. However, this causes noise and soil pollution.

Which of the above statements are correct?


Read the passage below and identify X correctly:

X passes through three stages of the life cycle. Its baby comes out of the egg and looks much like grown insect except that it has no wings and is called nymph. X undergoes moulting as well.


Which of the following is the main function of the labelled part called buds in the picture shown below?


The given diagram shows two animals namely X and Y. Select the correct option regarding the difference between the two:


The picture shown below is that of Pupalia seeds. Identify the agent of its seed dispersal:


Which of the following effect cannot be produced by a force?

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Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:

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