CREST Achiever - Hemanth Rajarajan

What's one or two achievements that you are proud of?
1. Table tennis district champion in Tamilnadu-Kanchipuram. 2. State rank 21 in an Inter-school Science talent Olympiad conducted by Velammal Knowledge park.
Which public figure (sportsperson, actor, etc.) inspires you the most?
Sathiyan Gnanasekaran
Who or what keeps you motivated?
My passion towards the subject keeps motivating me a lot.
Have you thought of your career line? What do you want to become and why?
Yes, I want to become a CA because that's my passion.
What's one thing about you that your friends don't know?
My patience
What are your hobbies? How do you keep a balance between your hobbies and studies?
My hobbies include swimming, badminton cricket and many more. Preparing a time table is the best way to organise and balance out things.
Which is your favourite sport? When did you start practicing and why?
Table tennis is my favourite sport. I started practising at the age of 13.
What do you love to do the most in your free time?
Discover new things
What are your study tips for getting better grades in school examinations?
Have a conceptual and regular reading basis. Love doing the subjects and if you hate a subject then try to bring in the interest through various mnemonics etc.
How has appearing for Olympiad exams helped your studies?
It sure has helped me to study conceptually rather than just studying up the things. There are a whole new ways of solving a problem which you can even develop from the questions. Time management also is one of the things which helped me in my studies.
Do you have any advice or tips for students who are interested in appearing for Olympiads?
Keep participating in Olympiads and make sure that you are going to work for your passion/interest/ambition.
Name : Hemanth Rajarajan
School : D.A.V. Public School
Class : 10

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