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This chapter introduces BODMAS which is an important concept in mathematics.

  • Rules of BODMAS
  • Solved Questions on Computation Operations
  • Rules of BODMAS

    BODMAS is a mathematical sequence operator that assists in the resolution of mathematical problems by indicating the sequence in which different parts of a mathematical problem with multiple operations are to be solved.

    BODMAS stands for Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

    The sequence of operations in BODMAS is as follows:

    1. B - Brackets: First, we look for any numbers or operators inside brackets like ( ), { } and [ ]. We do those first and if there are more brackets inside, we do the ones inside first.
    2. O - Orders (Exponents and Roots): After brackets, we check for any numbers with powers like squares (²) cubes (³) or square roots (√). We do those calculations next.
    3. D - Division: Then, we do any divisions (÷) from left to right. If there is more than one division, we do them one by one in the order they come.
    4. M - Multiplication: After division, we do any multiplications (×) also from left to right. Just like division, we do them one by one in the order they come.
    5. A - Addition: Now, we move on to addition (+). We add the numbers from left to right.
    6. S - Subtraction: Finally, we do any subtractions (-) from left to right, just like addition.

    It is necessary to work on them from right to left, shown as:


    Remember, BODMAS helps us solve math problems step by step, so we always get the right answer! 

    Example 1: Solve the expression using the BODMAS rule:

    40 + 3 × (105 ÷ 7) − 51

    a) 7
    b) 17
    c) 24
    d) 34

    Answer: d) 34



    Example 2: A bread factory produces 3040 hot dog buns in a day. How many packets of hot dog buns will it produce in 30 days if each packet contains 8 hot dog buns?


    a) 10200 packets
    b) 10400 packets
    c) 11200 packets
    d) 11400 packets

    Answer: d) 11400 packets

    Explanation: Number of hot dog buns produced in a day = 3040
    Number of hot dog buns produced in 30 days = 3040 × 30
    Each packet contains 8 hot dog buns.

    Number of packets of hot dog buns produced in 30 days
    = (3040 × 30) ÷ 8 [Solve using BODMAS rule]
    = 91200 ÷ 8
    = 11400

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