Time - Class 1

  • What is Time?
  • How to read time?
  • What is A.M and P.M?
  • Measurements of Time
  • What is Time?

    Knowing the concept of time is important in planning our daily activities, which include eating, playing and sleeping. This is a concept we use in our daily lives. We have a special tool referred to as a clock that tells us what time is it

    How to read Time?

    The hands on the clock are used to tell time. The clock has three hands: the second hand, the minute hand and the hour hand.

    Steps to read Time:

    • Look at the short hand for the hour.
    • Look at the long hand for the minutes.
    • If there's a fast-moving hand, that's for seconds.

    So, you see where the hands point, and that tells you what time it is. It's like a special code on the clock!"

    To write time, first we write the hour, then positioned a colon (:) and write the minutes. For instance, In 4:20, 4 represents hours and 20 represents mins.

    Let's see different hands on a clock:

    Clock with its all hands - CREST Olympiads

    Let's practice reading a clock:

    Learn reading a Clock - CREST Olympiads

    The minute hand shows the various time in an hour in the manner shown here.

    Clock reading - CREST Olympiads

    What is A.M. and P.M.?

    a.m.: a.m. stands for Ante-Meridiem. Time from 12:00 in the midnight to 11:59 in the morning is referred to as 'a.m.'.

    p.m.: p.m. stands for Post-Merdiem. Time from 12:00 in the afternoon to late night 11:59 is referred to as 'p.m.'.

    AM and PM explanation - CREST Olympiads

    Measurements of Time

    Some units of time are years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

    Measurement of Time - CREST Olympiads

    Depending on the month, there will be 28, 29, 30, or 31 days in a month.

    Days in a month - CREST Olympiads

    Example: What is the time shown in the given clock?

    Example of a Clock - CREST Olympiads

    a) 7 o’clock
    b) 3 o’clock
    c) 8 o’clock
    d) 11 o’clock

    Answer: c) 8 o’clock

    Explanation:  In the given figure the minute hand is at 12 and the hour hand is at 8, which shows the time is 8 o'clock

    Example: What is the time shown in the given clock?

    Example of a Clock - CREST Olympiads

    a) 10:00:00
    b) 10:05:10
    c) 10:10:30
    d) 10:15:20

    Answer: c) 10:10:30

    Explanation: In the given figure the hour hand is at 10, the minute hand points at 2 and the second hand is at 30, which shows it is 10:10:30

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