Lengths - Class 1

What is Length?

Length is how long or short an object is. It's like measuring how big or small an object is by measuring from one end of the object to another. We use different tools like rulers to measure length and find out how tall or short things are.

We can measure the length of different objects present around us. For example, We can measure how long your pencil box is or how tall a building is using length.

For example, wood, pipe, wire, etc.

Measurement of Length - CREST Olympiads

We can measure the length with a measuring tape, ruler, hand span, stick, and other tools.

Lengths are measured by various units such as kilometre, metre, centimetre, millimetre etc.

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Units for Measurement

Units of Measurement - CREST Olympiads

Consider that the distance between your home and your friend's home is 6 km. As we can see Kilometre is used as the measurement unit here which is used to measure longer distances.

Example of Distance in Kilometres - CREST Olympiads

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