Geometrical Shapes and Solids

Geometrical Shapes and Solids - Class 1

Geometric Shape

A geometric shape is an object with a fixed structure. These shapes are made up of lines, curves, angles, and surfaces. Square, rectangle. circles are two-dimensional (flat) shapes. Some other two-dimensional shapes are as follows:

2D Geometric Shapes


A line is a straight, one-dimensional geometric shape that can go on forever in both directions.

Straight line

Straight Line

Any line without any curves is said to be straight. It can be divided into three categories:

Slanting Line:

A straight line that leans or slants in a different direction is known as a slanting line.

slanting line

Vertical Line

It is a straight line that connects the bottom to the top.

Vertical lines

Horizontal Line

It is a straight line that moves in both right- and left-handed directions.

Horizontal line

We can understand the shape of a figure by using some prefixes, such as:

Tri – 3

Quad – 4

Penta – 5

Hexa – 6

Hepta – 7

Octa – 8

And a lot more…

Example: Which figure shows an Octagon?

a) Pentagon shape
b) Hexagon shape
c) Heptagon shape
d) Octagon shape

Answer: d) Octagon shape

Explanation: The polygon made up of eight line segments is known as Octagon.

3D Shapes or Geometric solid

A geometric solid, also known as a 3D shape or a 3D object, is a mathematical shape that has three dimensions: length, width, and height. In 3D, D stands for Dimensional. These 3-D shapes are not flat like 2D shapes (which have only length and width) but instead have depth or thickness, which makes them look like real objects you can touch and hold.

For example:

3d Geometric Shapes

The primary three-dimensional shapes that surround us are cubes, cuboids, cones, spheres and cylinders.

Three dimensional shapes

Example: How many circles are present in the figure given below?

Number of squares question

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Answer: d) 5

Explanation: We can count that there are 5 circles.

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