Patterns - Class 2

What is the Pattern?

Pattern is like a puzzle made up of shapes, numbers or colours that repeat in a special order.

We explore patterns by recognizing and filling in shapes and numbers that are arranged in a certain way.

We are going to discover some interesting patterns and series. So, get ready to explore the exciting world of patterns and series!

Example 1: Identify the missing term in the given pattern:

Identify the missing term in the given pattern

a) 89
b) 59
c) 99
d) 69

Answer: b) 59

Explanation: Each term of this series is increased by 10.

We can clearly obsserve that 9 + 10 = 19
19 + 10 = 29
29 + 10 = 39
39 + 10 = 49
49 + 10 = 59

Hence, the missing number is 59.

Example 2: What is the next term of the given series?

What is the next term of the given series

a) 56
b) 57
c) 58
d) 59

Answer: d) 59

Explanation: Each term is decreased by 7.
The pattern is shown as:

Hence, the next term is 59.

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