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  • What are 2D Shapes?
  • List of 2D Shapes
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    In the exciting world of geometry, shapes are all around us! From the objects we see every day to the pictures we draw, shapes play an essential role in understanding the world of patterns and structures. In this article, we will explore the fascinating realm of 2D shapes, which are flat shapes that exist on a plane. So, get ready to dive into the world of squares, circles, triangles and more!

    What are 2D Shapes?

    2D shapes, also known as plane shapes, are figures that exist in two dimensions: length and width. Unlike 3D shapes that have depth, 2D shapes have only flat surfaces. These shapes can be found in various objects, artwork and even nature. By learning about 2D shapes, we can identify and appreciate the patterns and symmetry that surround us.

    List of 2D Shapes

    2d shapes

    A real-life example of 2D shapes -

    2d shapes example

    Count the figures -

    In the counting of figures, you are presented with a shape or figure. From the given shape, you are asked to identify a known shape and count the number of times it appears within the given shape. Let's explore an example to better understand this concept.

    For example: Count the number of triangles in this image-

    count the figures

    Solution: Count the number of triangles in the given figure

    count the figures 1

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