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  • Step counting is a concept taught in mathematics to students. These numbers help children understand the concept of counting and sequencing in a systematic manner. Step counting helps children recognize patterns in numbers and develop a better understanding of multiplication and division concepts later on. It also helps improve their number sense, mental math skills, and problem-solving ability.

    What is Step Counting?

    Step counting is also known as skip counting or counting by multiples.

    Step counting is a series of numbers where each number is obtained by adding or subtracting a fixed value from the previous number. It involves taking steps forward or backwards to arrive at the next number in the sequence.

    Forward Step Counting

    Forward-step counting involves counting numbers by skipping a specific value in the positive direction. When skipping rope, kids count the number of jumps they make. They increment the count by twos, fives or tens to challenge themselves and keep track of their progress.

    For example,

    Forward Step Counting

    Backward Step Counting

    Backward counting means counting down or going in reverse order. Instead of increasing numbers, you decrease them one by one until you reach the desired count. It's like taking steps backwards instead of forward.

    For example,

    Backward Step Counting

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