How to register for International CREST English Olympiad (CEO)?

How to register for International CREST English Olympiad (CEO)?

CREST Olympiads
CREST Olympiads

How to register for International CREST English Olympiad (CEO)?

CREST English Olympiad or the International English Olympiad is an examination conducted online yearly for school students. It is an exam conducted to test the English language and grammar skills of the students. This competition helps students judge themselves in terms of their English knowledge. Participating students compete at different levels with different students from different school, city, zonal and international level.

The scores obtained in the Olympiad help students judge themselves by comparing their performance with other students from all across the country as well as abroad. This helps them analyse their strengths and weaknesses. 

CREST Olympiads organizes Olympiads every year that assists academic development of students through exams like CREST English Olympiad (CEO) and many more. The Olympiads organised by CREST Olympiads get a huge response from students around the globe with students participating in large numbers.

What is the Mode of a CREST Mathematics Olympiad (CMO) Application? 

The mode of applying is online for the CMO exam through schools. Registration forms & all other necessary details are handed over to the school authorities by CREST Olympiads. Students can get in touch with their teacher to register for the exam.

Also, the mode of application is online for students registering individually. Students have to fill the application form online by visiting the official website and make payment online.

CREST English Olympiad (CEO) Eligibility Criteria

Students studying in Prep/KG to classes 1-10 and are interested in competing with other students from all over the country in order to assess their knowledge of English can participate in CREST International English Olympiad. The Olympiad is conducted in a two-level, where only the top performing students in Level 1 are eligible to participate in level 2 examination. 

The exam is of 1 level for students of Prep/KG to classes 1-2. There will be 2 levels for grades 3-10. The exam needs to be completed in 60 minutes and it is an objective-type test. CEO exam is parent/teacher assisted for students of classes Prep/KG and 1. The time of the exam will be 45 minutes for Prep/KG students.

You may check the cut-off and ranking criteria for Level 1 & Level 2 CREST English Olympiad (CEO) by visiting the link here. 

  • Registering for CEO involves various steps that include filling in the application form, payment of the application fee, etc.
  • Students can register for the CEO exam by visiting the official website.
  • Students must fill in all their basic details like their school name, address of school, their name, their class, section, etc. Students have to ensure that all the provided information is accurate. 
  • Then select the subject name, which is CREST English Olympiad.
  • Fill in the captcha provided and click on “Submit” to make the payment.
  • The registration process is done now.
  • The link for the online individual registration is

Students must complete all these steps in the registration process before the CMO registration due date. Since CMO is conducted worldwide and is a very famous exam, there are thousands of applicants enrolling for it each year. This is why it is recommended that the students should get themselves registered early to avoid any last-minute troubles. 

This article will give you more detailed information about the CMO registration process below.

How to register through Schools? 

The registration process for the CREST English Olympiad (CEO) exam through school is as follows:

  • Students can avail the CEO Registration form through their respective schools.
  • A prospectus with the registration forms are sent to all the schools registered with CREST Olympiads. For many schools that are not yet registered with CREST Olympiads, the schools can request for a prospectus by sending an e-mail at the
  • Students applying for the exam must fill in all relevant details in the CEO registration forms and submit them to their respective schools.
  • The schools then should return the properly filled registration forms by students to CREST Olympiads before the due date.

How to register individually? 

Students can follow the below steps to apply for the CREST English Olympiad (CEO) individually:


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