How to prepare for International CREST English Olympiad (CEO)?

How to prepare for International CREST English Olympiad (CEO)?

CREST Olympiads
CREST Olympiads

How to prepare for the International CREST English Olympiad (CEO)?

Every year CREST Olympiads conducts the International English Olympiad (also known as CEO) for students of classes Prep/KG to 10. 

The CREST English Olympiad is an English language and grammar competition held for students to assess their English proficiency and vocabulary with that of international standards. Students can apply by competing at various levels namely within the school, city, zone wise or even internal level.

The scores obtained by the students in these tests can be very useful for them to judge their position with other students across the globe.

For students of classes Prep/KG to 2, there is only one level and 2 levels for students of classes 3-10. The exam is an objective-type test that the students need to complete in 60 minutes. For students of classes Prep/KG and 1, the exam is parent/teacher assisted. The time of the exam will be 45 minutes for Prep/KG students.

What are the Benefits of Participating in CREST English Olympiads? 

The CREST English Olympiad is an International Olympiad conducted with the purpose of helping students to understand their individual aptitude along with that in comparison to others. The CREST Olympiads conducts the test in a manner to extract the best among the students. 

The English Olympiad is usually structured on the basis of the syllabus covered in the schools. However, the questions can sometimes be conceptual and tricky. Students can participate in this exam in order to get a clear objective and in-depth platform to practice and get prepared for other Olympiad tests.   

Participants are rewarded certificates and medals at both zonal and international levels. These add to their academic achievements. 

Tips to Prepare for English Olympiad 

The CREST English Olympiad is conducted with the motive to enhance the academic knowledge of the students. 

Here, we have listed down a few important points to be remembered by the students while preparing, who have applied for the CREST International English Olympiad 

  • Syllabus

Students should know the entire syllabus properly and should not leave any small or big topic for the test before starting the preparation for the exam. Identify the best resources available and required to prepare for the exam. In level 1, almost 70 percent of the questions are framed based on the previous class syllabus. 

  • Start preparing in advance

It is beneficial for the students to start preparing for any exam be it Olympiads or any competitive exams well in advance in order to get the highest scores. Last-minute preparation usually makes the student skip the important section and students lack in remembering all the concepts.

  • Study material and resources

Students should prepare from the resources and study materials specified by the CREST Olympiads in order to get a more clear understanding and score more marks in the exam. It is also important to collect the study material beforehand to avoid the last-minute panic. Students can also refer to CREST Workbooks available in Maths, English, Science & Reasoning for grades Prep/KG - 10. These workbooks cover topic-wise explanations along with exercises provided for each topic. The workbooks are designed as per the exact same pattern of the CREST exam and help you score well in the other Olympiads also. You can purchase these workbooks from here.

  • Online materials

Students must go through online materials and resources in order to get a better and in depth understanding of the subject. Online materials and sources will enable the students to get quicker and faster results during the time of preparation.  

  • Timetable

Students are advised to make a proper timetable and follow it thoroughly in order to cover the entire scope of the syllabus. As the English Olympiad is a competitive exam, a proper time table will efficiently and effectively help the students to manage time and execute the test. 

  • Effort and regular practice

Students should give their 100 percent effort with proper dedication and concentration in order to pass this exam. The exam seeks a lot of attention, time  and hard work which can be achieved only through continuous effort and regular practice. 

  • Sample question papers

It is always best to be one step ahead during the time of examination hence students can avail different sites to get sample questions and practice plenty of mock tests for understanding the pattern and difficulty level of the questions from previous years. Students can solve these sample tests to get a better picture of the International English Olympiad by visiting the link here. Students looking for test series and want to enhance their performance for preparation of these exams can opt for Olympiad Success. It is one of the popularly known platforms that grants you topic-wise tests & mock tests that help to improve your weak areas and strengthen your strong ones. Check the Olympiad Success test series here.

  • Stay Consistent

Every student who is appearing for the examination and wishes to top the English Olympiad exam should ensure that they remain consistent in their preparations. Consistency combined with hard work ensures and guarantees good results. Students should follow these tips to crack the English Olympiad and stay motivated. No skills can be developed or learned over a day and require regular practice. Students should regularly develop the habit of reading and speaking in English in order to build an excellent hold over the English language. Students are repeatedly advised to take a proper amount of rest before the exam. It is important to have good health during exams. Students are told to eat a healthy diet and sleep properly in order to have a fresh mind to study and clear the International English Olympiad. 

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