Why Should One Opt For Olympiad Exams?

Why Should One Opt For Olympiad Exams?

CREST Olympiads
CREST Olympiads

Has the course syllabus kept you bounded? Or do you require that extra knowledge apart from your course that makes you different from your fellow mates? Or are you interested in exploring the fun facts behind everything in this world?

These are some of the questions that provoke a child’s intellectual to go beyond his limits and know a little more. Olympiad exams are one such way of letting a child explore some amazing facts all by himself. The next question that pops up immediately in our minds is that why only Olympiad exams? What is special about them? Well, to know more just keep reading below.

What are Olympiad exams?

Olympiad exams unlike other course exams, demand of something that is not restricted with any kind of limitations of the material course. These exams are the kind of exams that bring along with them a little extra effort that a child needs to put in them. These are without a doubt, based on the child’s ability of going beyond the course syllabus and learn things deeply. Based on knowledge of how well a child has understood the concepts of science or maths or logical aspects, they surely are an excellent way of measuring anyone’s true knowledge. They do not have any special defined syllabus but are based on what we learn in school in a rather efficient manner.

What is the importance of Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad exams do give a wise experience and teaches that whatever we learn is never enough and that knowledge has no bounds. One appearing for such exams get to know what the actual meaning of learning stands for. Unlike school exams, where students just mug up what all they have been taught, a night before and pass their exams, these Olympiad exams provide a very good exposure of true learning to children. Based not on what you study but, on how you study is what these exams aim at.

What are the different types of Olympiad Exams?

In India, Olympiad exams are being conducted by different organisations and are a way to promote healthy and wise learning among students.

They come in different categories like

  • English Olympiad
  • Math Olympiad
  • Science Olympiad
  • Reasoning Olympiad
  • French Olympiad
  • Cyber Olympiad

Interested students can go for any subject of their wish. These Olympiads are organised categorically for different age groups which is indeed a sagacious approach.

To keep updated about these exams, be in constant touch with your concerned school authorities who conduct such exams in your school or with bigger educational institutes or with the internet for online Olympiad exams.

Why to choose Olympiad exams?

  • Our knowledge gets enhanced
  • We get an excellent exposure towards deep learning
  • These exams prepare us for other future competitive exams
  • Inspiration towards how one can explore several facts related to one’s own daily basis course
  • Promote a wise approach towards learning
  • Boost up confidence
  • Spread “smart work than hard work” message
  • Special prizes for winners
  • Keep us motivated

What are the tips to study for Olympiad exams?

  • Manage your time table well
  • Understand the concepts well
  • Make charts, figures, graphs for better understanding
  • Revise topics on a daily basis that you find a bit difficult
  • Keep practising subjects like maths and science
  • Refer to guides and previous year papers available in the market
  • Practise the logical and analytical part nicely

What are the tips to attempt the Olympiads well?

  • Do make a note of negative marking
  • Attempt the questions you find easy first
  • Do not panic if you don’t know any answer
  • Keep checking for the accuracy of your answers
  • Keep trying for the questions left unanswered or untouched, in the end
  • Attempt the questions with full concentration
  • Drinking water really keeps you cool

Fret not! These exams are just to make you more wise and knowledgeable. So hurry up! Pick your pen and start now and avail the full benefits of learning as much as you can.

Happy learning is wise learning.

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