Science Olympiads - Why Are They Important?

Science Olympiads - Why Are They Important?

CREST Olympiads
CREST Olympiads

If the day is changing into night, if the weather is changing from spring to summer, if the earth is rotating from west to east, or if there is anything happening around us; the only reason is Science. And studying Science gives us a logical understanding of these events occurring around us.

What is the Role of Science?

Do you agree if we say that Science is an adventure? As our world becomes more focused on Science and Technology, it is important for a kid to be prepared to keep up with demand and scientific skills. The knowledge of Science must be acquired by students as Science helps them see the world through the senses and build their own ideas about how everything works.

How does knowledge of Science help in making students competitive?

Ask a kid “Are you ready to participate in Science Olympiads and explore life"! His/her answer would be a yes! Because a kid knows that the scientific knowledge not only allows to create technology but also to use it to change the world. Science makes the kids smarter and curious about life. That's why we study Science in school. Science improves the logical thinking of a kid and shows them a career path. Science Olympiads gives motivation and increases kids understanding level.

How Science Olympiad Exams assists beyond/after the school?

Is it true that whatever we learn in school is limited to the school only? No, never! As a human we always explore what we have learned. Similarly, scope of Science Olympiads is not just limited to the schools. Science Olympiads prepare students for future competitive exams. Students’ performance in school is also improved as Olympiads sharpen their thinking and learning process. Olympiad is a platform not only at school or national level but it gives exposure to do better on international platforms also.

Is it helpful in developing practical knowledge?

It gives the students early exposure to learning and makes them confident in participating in exams. It gives a chance to class 1 to 10 students to sharpen their overall skills at a level they are not likely to encounter in classrooms. By participating in science Olympiads student enhance their understanding of concepts and applications.

Here is the list of different types of Science Olympiad Exams held every year

National Science Olympiad (NSO) - It is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). These exams are conducted at a very scale for students from class 1 to 12.

CREST Science Olympiads - It is an International Science Olympiad held online for classes 1 to 10. The exam consists of two sections - Practical Science and achiever Science. One can register online for CREST Science Olympiad.

SilverZone Science Olympiads - This international Olympiad of Science Olympiads builds a solid foundation for school students to excel in Science based on ICSE, CBSE and state board syllabus. iOS promotes Science talents from School to national and higher level. Practice International Olympiad of Science and sample papers to know the pattern of Exam.

How to participate in various Science Olympiads?

All the schools registered with SOF, CREST, SilverZone, etc. can participate in Science Olympiads. Also, CREST provides individual registration, so even if your school is not participating in the Olympiad, the student individually can participate. Extensive practice for these exams can be done by taking Science Olympiad mock tests.

How to prepare for Science Olympiads?

Science Olympiads syllabus is what you study at your school. You just need to go through Science Olympiad syllabus and mock tests. Extensive practice of different Olympiads like National Science Olympiad question papers, international Olympiad of sample papers really helps. Questions asked in Science Olympiad exams are from your syllabus only but questions are conceptual which demands detailed study of your syllabus. Science Mock tests and sample papers really help in cracking Science Olympiads.

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