French Olympiad Exams - Is it for your kid?

French Olympiad Exams - Is it for your kid?

CREST Olympiads
CREST Olympiads

On at least one occasion you must have felt that ‘what if I knew a foreign language?’ or any question related to learning a foreign language must have come across your mind. Well, it is a fact that knowing foreign languages is an add-on to a person’s skills.

What is the use of learning a foreign language?

In the era of globalization and outsourcing learning a new language is very important to grow. It enhances career prospects and job opportunities. Foreign language courses help to get better job opportunities in another country. There are many sectors like tourism and advertisement that require the knowledge of the foreign language.

Does learning a new language enhances personality?

Learning a new language helps in enhancing the cognitive function of the mind. So, the thinking and learning capacity of the brain increases and the student is able to perform even better. Also, learning a foreign language increases knowledge about the culture and lifestyle of a different country.

What is the importance of French Olympiad?

Participating in French Olympiads enriches a student’s personality. French Olympiads improves ones reading and writing skills and also help them test the knowledge of the subject. By participating in Foreign Language exams students get an opportunity to appear for International examinations.

How does French Olympiad pave way for practical understanding?

French Olympiad Exams can improve the functionality of a student’s brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate to mean and communicate in different language systems. It can improve students overall knowledge of the subject. Participating in French Olympiad exams can give student detailed knowledge and understanding of their own languages.

How does it help in growing your kid's career?

The French language provides immense and ever-growing career options for students. Directly and indirectly, the language will provide students with important job-related knowledge and skills that can give a competitive edge with better industry exposure and salary packages. French enhances one's resume and helps to develop one's career in the long run.

Different types of French Olympiad Exams held every year:

CREST French Olympiads (CFO) - It is an International competitive exam held online for class 6 to 10 students.

SilverZone International French Olympiads - The SilverZone foundation conducts an International French Language Olympiad or IFLO. This French Olympiad Exam would lead students to know more about French Language and Culture. Practice international Olympiad of French sample papers and international French Olympiad question papers to know the pattern of Exam.

How to prepare for French Olympiad Exams

French Olympiads syllabus is what you study at your school. You just need to go through French Olympiad syllabus and French Olympiad mock tests. Extensive practice of different Olympiads like International Olympiad of French language and International French Olympiad question papers, International Olympiad of French language sample papers really helps.

French Olympiad Questions are from syllabus only but a student needs to improve reading and writing habits and practice French Olympiad sample papers.

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