Time and Calendar

Time and Calendar - Class KG

  • Days of a week
  • Months in a year
  • Time Concept
  • Formats of Time
  • Solved Questions on Time and Calendar
  • Days of a week

    There are seven days in a week.

    Chart of Days of the week for kg

    Months in a year

    There are twelve months in a year.

    Chart of Months in a Year for kg

    Time Concept

    The clock has three hands:

    1. Long hand (Minute Hand)
    2. Short hand (Hour Hand)
    3. Thin hand (Second)

    Explanation of Concept of Time

    Formats of Time

    There are 24 hours in one day. Day and night happen because of the time.

    Time can be represented in different formats which include AM (morning and before noon) and PM (afternoon and evening).

    Explanation of Formats of Time

    Telling the Time

    Easiest way of Telling the Time

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