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Solid shapes, also known as 3D shapes, exist in three dimensions and have length, breadth and height. The elementary solid shapes include cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones and spheres. Each shape possesses unique properties that make them interesting subjects of study. We embark on a journey that reveals the beauty of dimensions and their profound impact on our understanding of the physical universe. This chapter embarks on an exploration of these shapes, unravelling the concepts of surface area and volume that define their characteristics.

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  • Total Surface Area and Volume
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  • Surface Area

    Surface area refers to the total area covering the exterior of a solid shape. The surface area can be broken down into specific components such as base area, lateral surface area or curved surface area depending on the 3D shapes.

    Surface area can be represented using different units of measurement for area such as square centimetres (cm²) and square metres (m²).

    Total Surface Area: The total surface area of a solid shape is the sum of the areas of all its surfaces.


    Base: The base of a solid shape is the flat surface on which the shape stands.

    Lateral Surface: The lateral surface of a solid shape is the part of the surface that wraps around the sides of the shape without including the top and bottom.

    Curved Surface: The curved surface is a term often used for shapes that have curved faces, like a cylinder or cone.


    Volume is the measure of the space enclosed by a solid shape. It quantifies how much three-dimensional space a shape occupies.

    Volume can be represented using different units of measurement including cubic centimetres (cm³), cubic metres (m³) and other units related to capacity or volume.


    Total Surface Area and Volume

    Total Surface Area and Volume of different solid shapes are explained below:


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