CREST Cyber Olympiad Previous Year Papers

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CREST Cyber Olympiad (CCO) is one of the most competitive exams conducted by CREST Olympiads. With the advancement in technology and computers as a subject being taught in every school, Cyber Olympiads have taken a front seat for the past few years. Students have started to become more inclined towards digital technologies, as it is one of the bright future career options for them.

International Cyber Olympiad exam conducted by CREST Olympiads tests computer-related knowledge and cyber concepts. This exam is for classes 1-10. Computer Olympiad questions from past years for the CCO exam help students to keep them aligned with the pattern and the type of questions put up in front of them in the actual examination. Aspirants sometimes refer to so many study materials that they make themselves confused and are unable to figure out at times whether they are moving in the right direction forward to the preparation or got diverged. This is the time when the CREST Olympiad sample papers for the Cyber Olympiad exam come into the picture, if a student is unable to solve past papers, then the student needs to analyze where the loopholes are. For this purpose, sample papers are the best way to analyze it.

Check the sample papers for classes 1-10.

Hope you’ve completed solving sample papers for the Cyber Online exam. You can also check the marks distribution by clicking on this link. You may also check the CCO syllabus for different classes here.

Participating in Online Olympiad is easy, but getting a good score at the same time is not that easy. These exams require you to have an adequate amount of practice to get through them. The students commit silly mistakes when attempting online exams like leaving the question unanswered, not attempting marks for review questions, etc. The online portal sometimes becomes a challenge for aspirants. Lack of practice takes them more time in understanding the portal during the exam then and there, not practicing many tests takes more of their time to solve the questions. It is advisable to take more mock tests also to get well versed with the online exam functionalities.