Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga

Tired of hearing and preparing for the Online Olympiad exams? Looking for some change? We have created this space for you to let loose yourself through fun way activity questions. The Brain Yoga page is entirely for you to keep your preparation in line through a fun approach.

Brain training helps improve your memory, reduces responsive time, improves logical reasoning, analytical skills, creative-thinking ability, build mental focus and much more. These skills are important for students to develop as they are used throughout the career in one’s life.

The questions you’ll find on this page require you to think outside the box to solve them. You may find some questions easy, some to be a little harder and some can really make you think for a while. Moreover, after solving the question, when you check for the answer, sometimes you might feel silly or ignorant because what you have thought to be the answer doesn't seem to be. However, questions on this space are completely fun. Therefore, keep testing yourself through these questions that we constantly add here.

This looks fun to students, but unknowingly, this helps them prepare for the International Olympiad exams. It’s time to put your brain into some action. The more you make your brain THINK, the more results your brain will produce. Try this out now!

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Kids love challenging brain teasers and love to solve them. Brainteasers entangle the mind of the solver and make him forget his worries for some time. These questions work well as stress relievers.

For additional fun exercises, try making up a few questions of your own or ask your friend to make them for you. Try to solve them and enrich your knowledge. Brain teaser questions never get old! Keep learning! Keep solving!