CREST Fundamentals

CREST Fundamentals

Every child dreams of excelling in Olympiad exams, but it takes more than just knowing the basics. You need to really understand the main ideas in subjects like Math, Science and English. CREST Olympiads (Most Innovative Online Olympiad Exams) an active community of 5000+ schools has launched the CREST Fundamentals initiative. It helps you get a strong grasp on these subjects, enhancing your school performance and setting you up for success in Olympiad exams.

Moreover, CREST Fundamentals goes beyond the basics, helping you delve deeper into each subject. It's not just about knowing the concepts but also understanding them thoroughly. But, how do you understand them? Well, for each of the subjects covered under CREST Fundamentals, there are interesting themes crafted based on which the questions are framed. This theme based and fun way of learning will certainly improve and eventually master the subjects. By mastering these fundamental concepts, you'll build a solid foundation that will support your learning journey as you progress to more advanced topics. This comprehensive approach ensures that you're well-prepared to tackle the complexities of Olympiad exams with confidence and success.

CREST Fundamentals isn't just about memorizing facts; it's about developing essential skills like critical thinking and a love for learning. It's a platform that nurtures these qualities, ensuring that students are fully prepared not just for exams, but for success in all aspects of their academic journey and beyond. Invest in CREST Fundamentals today and pave your way to academic excellence and lifelong learning.

Highlights of CREST Fundamentals

Subjects Available Mathematics, Science and English
Mode of Test Online
Fee INR 599 for grades KG - 8 (set of 30 worksheets)
Type of Questions
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Benefits to Students

CREST Fundamentals helps children understand basic principles in Math, Science, English, and Modern Technologies before moving on to more advanced topics for Olympiad preparation. This fun way of learning encourages critical thinking, practical skills, and curiosity, which improves overall education.

1. Building Strong Foundations

Success in any field starts with a solid understanding of the basics. CREST Fundamentals gives students a structured platform to learn essential concepts in Math, Science and English. By mastering these basics, students can confidently tackle complex problems and build advanced skills.

2. Holistic Skill Development

Instead of just memorizing facts, CREST Fundamentals encourages critical thinking, practical skills, and curiosity. Students are prompted to explore concepts deeply, ask questions, and apply their knowledge to real-life situations. This approach not only boosts academic performance but also fosters important skills needed for Olympiad success and beyond.

3. Preparation for Specialized Topics

As students progress, they encounter specialized topics crucial for Olympiad exams. CREST Fundamentals prepares students for these subjects by laying a strong foundation early on. This ensures they can understand complex topics better and speed up their preparation for Olympiads.

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How to Subscribe for CREST Fundamentals Worksheets?

Follow the steps to subscribe for CREST Fundamentals -

Step 1: Go to Login -> Dashboard -> Additional Practice -> Buy -> CREST Fundamentals.
Step 2: Tick mark the check box.
Step 3: Click on Preview and Pay.
Step 4: On the confirmation page, click on Pay Now.
Step 5: Registration is complete.
Step 6: CREST Fundamentals will be visible under Additional Practice -> Subject.

Syllabus of CREST Fundamentals Worksheets

Aligned with everyday activities, CREST fundamentals' theme based syllabus is certainly an eye-catcher. These fun based themes will help children understand the basics and master the concepts with ease. Check out the CREST Fundamentals Syllabus for each class to know in detail.

Fee for CREST Fundamentals

The CREST Fundamentals for the Academic Year 2024-25 can be taken 24x7 with a maximum of 3 attempts of each test. It is advisable to register for CREST Fundamentals when you register for any subject. This is because you will get sufficient days to practice from the theme-based topics' questions.

You can check the answer keys and the results immediately after taking the tests.

The fee is INR 599 for grades KG - 8 (set of 30 worksheets)

CREST Fundamentals Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of CREST Fundamentals?

The purpose of CREST Fundamentals is to help children strengthen their understanding of basic principles in Math, Science, English, and Modern Technologies. It provides a structured platform for learning essential concepts, fostering critical thinking, practical skills, and curiosity, ultimately enhancing overall education.

2. How can I take the tests under CREST Fundamentals?

To take the tests under CREST Fundamentals, go to Login -> Dashboard -> Additional Practice -> Subject -> Click on CREST Fundamentals -> Click on Take Test button present against the topic for which you would want to take the test.

3. Can I take multiple tests on the same day?

Yes, you can take multiple tests on the same day. CREST Fundamentals allows you to take tests 24x7 with a maximum of 3 attempts.

4. Where can I check the syllabus of CREST Fundamentals?

Click here to see the syllabus for Science, Mathematics and English.

5. Is there any negative marking?

No, there is no negative marking in CREST Fundamentals. It is designed to encourage learning and skill development without penalizing mistakes.

6. Can I check the answer keys of the tests attempted under CREST Fundamentals?

Yes, you can by going to Login -> Dashboard -> Additional Practice -> View & Challenge

7. What is the fees for CREST Fundamentals?

The fees is INR 599 for grades KG - 8 (set of 30 worksheets)

8. Whom do I contact if I have any questions?

For queries, kindly write to us at or call/WhatsApp at +91-98182-94134.