Books Exchange Community (Grades KG-12)

About Books Exchange

Books exchange or rehoming books is a great way to save a few thousand books from getting wasted especially when it comes to school books. Each year, a large number of books get dumped which could have been utilized in a better way. There are several other good reasons why one should participate in school books exchange or donation activities.

With an attempt to promote school books exchange extensively to benefit large masses, CREST Olympiads (Most Innovative Olympiad Exam) has taken a step forward to build a School Books Exchange Community to help students from various cities across India. The program intends to help students of Grades KG-12 studying in various educational boards like CBSE, ICSE, IB, state boards, etc. This initiative is completely FREE of charge.

How this School Books Exchange Community will help Students?

  1. Students will be able to exchange books with other students within their city. A separate group for each city is created to ensure students from the same city can interact with each other.
  2. Students are allowed to exchange old school books, story books, toys, uniforms, other educational items, etc. through the medium of these groups.
  3. This community will help students save a fair share of their money buying books for school and at the same time assist future students. Needy students who can't afford books will be benefitted largely from this initiative.

Instructions to Join

  1. Students are required to provide all the details required in the form.
  2. Kindly mention the city from where you belong. (There must be a participation of atleast 10 students for a city group to be created).
  3. Those sharing irrelevant messages will be removed without any prior notice.

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For any query, whatsapp at +91-88829-41354. NO CALLS WILL BE ANSWERED ON THIS NUMBER.

Second Hand Books

Second Hand Books to Buy Online

Students studying in various educational boards in grades KG-12 can effectively utilize this initiative to exchange second hand books or buy second hand books online at very cheap prices. Students can exchange or buy second hand books for regular school books, NCERT Books, Olympiad books and many other competitive exam books.

Note: CREST Olympiads will not be liable and receives no commission from the exchange and buy/sell of any educational items between two persons. The persons involved in the trade of educational items agree to assume complete and full responsibility for the outcomes of all decisions that they make.

Students are required to actively participate in this initiative to benefit themselves and others.

Students looking to buy second hand books online for grades KG-12 of different subjects must join their respective city groups.

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Second Hand Books to Sell Online

There are many students, and for them, the previous grades' books are of no use. Such students want to donate, sell or are ready to exchange these books with any other grade books. Such students can utilize these groups effectively and can offer second hand books of various subjects to other students.

Please note that under no circumstances shall, CREST Olympiads, be held liable or responsible for any claims, losses, damages, expenses, or other inconveniences resulting from or in any way connected to this initiative.

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