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Section 1: Spellings, Collocations, Idioms, Homonyms and homophones, Words related to feelings, Travel, Food, Health, Appearance, Character, etc. Nouns, pronouns, verbs and phrasal Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Articles, Prepositions, Punctuation, Tenses, Active-Passive Voice and Reported Speech etc., Search for and retrieve information from various text types like news headlines, Messages, Letters,  etc., Understand information given in News reports, Time-tables, Messages, etc., Acquire broad understanding of and look for specific information in short texts like messages, menu card, dialogues etc., Ability to understand situation-based variations in functions like requests, Refusals, Apologies, etc. and the use of conjunctions.

Achievers Section: Higher Order Thinking Questions - Syllabus as per Section 1

Please note that the dictionary which will be used for reference is Oxford Learner's Dictionary. This will be w.r.t. spellings & meanings. In case, if the word is not found in this dictionary, then it is assumed that this word does not exist.

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Fill in the blank using the most appropriate option:

The study showed a deep fear among the elderly of being __________ to the care of strangers.


Choose the most suitable word to fill in the blank:

He was __________ of playing in the ICC Men's World cup.


Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks:

The bouquet that belongs to Annie is ________ bouquet.
The bouquet is ________ .


Choose the pair of words which is opposite in meaning:

She wore casual attire to the party when it was supposed to be a formal affair.


Choose the option which can replace the quoted words in the given sentence:

'Enlarge' that photo, so we can see everyone's face.


Observe the format of a notice. Choose the correct option for the following question:

What should be written in E?


Look at the given image. Choose the most appropriate answer:

What should Emma do?


Pick the odd one out:


Rearrange the alphabets to get a meaningful word:



Read the given sentence and identify the expression of the author:

When I think of my exam results, I get butterflies in my stomach.

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Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:


Answers to Sample Questions from CREST Olympiads:

Q.1 : b | Q.2 : a | Q.3 : b | Q.4 : d | Q.5 : b | Q.6 : d | Q.7 : d | Q.8 : d | Q.9 : c | Q.10 : d