CREST Achiever - Pragyan Ghosh

What's one or two achievements that you are proud of?
In SOF National Cyber Olympiad, I scored 37/40 and achieved 5th Zonal Rank and 9th International Rank. I am very happy for this result.
What is your biggest fear and how do you overcome it?
My biggest fear is spelling. I can answer the questions easily, but at the time of writing, sometimes, I make a mistake. To overcome this, I write the spelling (which I need to remember) 5 times and then I can write it correctly.
Who or what keeps you motivated?
My mother keeps me motivated. She always inspires me to be a person with good manners and with good knowledge.
Have you thought of your career line? What do you want to become and why?
Yes. I want to be an architect because I love to build buildings with my blocks. There are lots of blocks.
If there is one gift you would like to have, what would that be?
I would like to have different books. I like toy cars and blocks also.
What's one thing about you that your friends don't know?
There are many things that friends don't know about me. Like, I like to do craft with my mother.
What are your hobbies? How do you keep a balance between your hobbies and studies?
My hobby is to play with different toy cars and blocks. Also, I like to watch cartoons. Keeping balance is very difficult, but my mother helps me to be engaged me in studies.
What do you love to do the most in your free time?
In my free time, I usually watch cartoon or play with blocks and toy cars. Some times I draw different vehicles with my crayons.
What are your study tips for getting better grades in school examinations?
To do better in school exam, we should have proper knowledge about the topic. I usually study different books and many of higher classes too. So, I get help from these books also.
How do you prepare for Olympiads?
I use to solve different types of questions from different Olympiad books. I also like to study different books other than school books which helps me to do good in Olympiads.
Name : Pragyan Ghosh
School : Techno India Group Public School
Class : 1

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