CREST Achiever - Daksh Sharma

What's one or two achievements that you are proud of?
State Rank 1 in CREST Science Olympiad and two times meritorious performance in NSO.
What is your biggest fear and how do you overcome it?
My biggest fear is mathematics and I overcome it by practice.
Who is your ideal and why?
My ideal is my father because of the struggles he faced his life and hard work which he is doing for me.
Which public figure (sportsperson, actor, etc.) inspires you the most?
My mother.
Who or what keeps you motivated?
My teachers keeps me motivated, especially Swetabh sir at Aakash institute.
Have you thought of your career line? What do you want to become and why?
I want to pursue medical line. I want to become a well known cardiologist and also, though, once in my life I want to serve in the army hospital.
If there is one gift you would like to have, what would that be?
A M.B.B.S. degree in my hand while I am taking the Hippocrates Oath.
What is your secret of making friends?
I choose friends those who are not the worst and even not the best ones.
What are your hobbies? How do you keep a balance between your hobbies and studies?
My hobby is music. We need something to feed our soul. I play my guitar or keyboard everyday for at least one hour.
Which is your favourite sport? When did you start practicing and why?
My favourite sport is kabbadi. I started playing it when Pro Kabbadi League startied, promoting the traditional sport - KABBADI.
What do you love to do the most in your free time?
I love to play outdoor in my free time.
What are your study tips for getting better grades in school examinations?
For getting better grades, one should stick to NCERT content only. We should revise a chapter as much as we can.
How do you prepare for Olympiads?
I prepare for exams by the notes provided by my coaching faculty.
How has appearing for Olympiad exams helped your studies?
It made me learn things better than before.
Do you have any advice or tips for students who are interested in appearing for Olympiads?
Just be focused. Do your best MAHADEV does the rest .
Name : Daksh Sharma
School : Sachdeva Public School
Class : 9

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