CREST Achiever - Aryan Gupta

What's one or two achievements that you are proud of?
All India rank 92 in Fitzee, CREST olympiads State Rank 2 in Science and English.
What is your biggest fear and how do you overcome it?
Fear of speaking on stage, I overcame it by constant practice and classes. Now I am a confident speaker.
Who is your ideal and why?
Prof. Georges leclanche, he was very innovative, creative and invented an object necessary in day to day life, I want to do same.
Which public figure (sportsperson, actor, etc.) inspires you the most?
Arjuna from Mahabharata, as he was very focused in what he wants to do.
Who or what keeps you motivated?
My curiosity and my desire to make something innovative.
Have you thought of your career line? What do you want to become and why?
Deep science, engineering, or do something that I will be able to make a difference in the world.
If there is one gift you would like to have, what would that be?
A laboratory right now.
Your favourite memory that you would like to share?
I was trying to make a torch but I couldn't then my father told me how to light up a bulb.
What's one thing about you that your friends don't know?
My super creativeness.
What is your secret of making friends?
They must be cool and adjustable.
What are your hobbies? How do you keep a balance between your hobbies and studies?
I love to make new new things at home. And, I have to literally manage my time from studies to do so.
Which is your favourite sport? When did you start practicing and why?
Riffle shooting, two months ago after watching movie saand ki aakh.
What do you love to do the most in your free time?
Record YouTube videos on explaining scientific terms and my innovations. Subscribe my YouTube channel - surfing electrons.
What are your study tips for getting better grades in school examinations?
Focus and devotion.
How do you prepare for Olympiads?
Fitzee student.
How has appearing for Olympiad exams helped your studies?
It has given me great confidence in solving Math and Science problems.
Do you have any advice or tips for students who are interested in appearing for Olympiads?
Solve and practice mock test.
Name : Aryan Gupta
School : St. Columba's School
Class : 6

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